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June Berg - Valentine's Day - 2011 and 2016

.June and Stan Berg 1990

(June and Stan in those happy days of past years - 1990)


June, on this day for sweethearts, I miss you so very much .The pain of your absence does not lesson with the passing years. Again, this Valentines Day, I will have a little lobby table for you and I at the Sofitel for reminiscences and toasting the past happier years before Alzheimer’s took over our life.

Your Alzheimer’s diagnosis came in January 1998 following your noted symptoms in 1997. You knew at a very early date, the blackness and the depth of the distant approaching Alzheimer’s storm clouds.

You displayed a concern for me. I remember well that Sunday (Ca. 1999) when you brought home the “Care Notes” pamphlet from our church - “Handling Grief as a Man.” You said nothing; you just left it out for me to find and to read. I remember the time that you detected one of my episodes of emotional sadness as I watched your illness progress. You tried to console me by saying “Don’t worry, I will be alright Stan!” I am sure at the time, you and I both really knew otherwise.

Thereafter, I lost you slowly, tear drop by tear drop. After a long and exhausting journey into the shadows of Alzheimer’s, God mercifully took you home on Thursday October 23rd, 2008.

On the following Valentines Day in 2009,  I wrote about you…“Seeing June” inspired by the old 1940's WWII song "I'll Be Seeing You"... My revision to this song is now our song on those lonely days when I think about you and the life we once had...


 "I'll be Seeing June"

June 1994


 I am finding you in all the old familiar places...

That this heart of mine embraces all day through.

In the little French cafe, that is just across the way.

The children's laughter, the trees of fall, the snows soon after. 


I'll be finding you in every lovely summer's day.

In everything that's bright and fun. 

I always think of you that way.

I'll find you in the morning sun -And when the night is new -

I'll be looking at the moon - but I'll be seeing June!



Billie Holiday in 1944  made: "I'll Be Seeing You", a number one hit song for the year.


Billie Holiday



"Finding June"


 Stan and June


I find you - at 6025 Gardena Lane, our home for many every room that I enter and in every drawer, cabinet or closet that I open...I find your loving presence in the hundreds of poignant little reminders...

I find you - in our living room by the fireplace on a cold winter day...

I find you- at the Redeemer Lutheran Church Sanctuary every Sunday’s morning service...Tuesday’s Redeemer Bible Study...I find you in the Little "Old Heritage" Chapel you loved...

I find you - on "Wings of Song" at our Redeemer Church Christmas Choir Concerts...

I find you - in the sounds of the violin strains at Culver’s on the Saturday afternoon “old time” music sessions...

I find you - at our favorite French Cafe...The the little lobby table with a basket of bread, wine and  fruit...and in the little lobby gift and card shop...

I find you - at Rosedale's Caribou a little atrium table...and later in your favorite Hallmark card shop...and the nearby Kinkade Gallery...

I find you - where ever there are joyful little children...I find your loving and caring presence and spirit among them...

I find you - at the Anoka Lyric Theater’s Sunday afternoon productions...

I find you - at the Christmas Eve family gatherings...

I find you - every Wednesday at Lakewood Cemetery and shortly thereafter in the little “Holy Spirit” Chapel at the Benedictine Health Care Center of Innsbruck...

I find you - in June and January - Every Time I look at the Moon, I see June...

I find you - at the Fridley Applebee’s in our specially designated “June Berg” and “Stan Berg” booth...

I find you - daily as my mind reminisces and dreams about the past times and our world wide travel together on our forensic science adventures...Moscow, London, Rome, Dusseldorf...

I find you - in the Bible...You are my wife of “Virtuous Character” and as the Bible says your worth is “far more than rubies.”    (Proverbs 31: 10)

I find you - In January and June...Whenever I look at the Moon, I find You...

Not a day passes that I do not think of you the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Not a day passes that I do not talk with you as I look at one of your pictures. Your million dollar smile - automatically brings a simile to my face.

Every day also has its sad notes - not a day has passed since Alzheimer’s has taken you away that I have not been gripped by moments of sadness.

Often times when I return to the house after dark, and as I snap on the lights I imagine what it would be like to find you sitting there with your radiant smile...

I will love you until the sands of time cease their endless trickle...


Stan - 2011



Stan's Note: My Inspiration for the above poem "Finding June" was a popular song introduced in 1938. That song was "I'll Be Seeing You".The Music was by Sammy Fain and the Lyrics were by Irving Kahal...

It was later in a special year...(2011)... that KARE 11 TV, after reading my Valentines Day  tribute to June in the Minneapolis Star - Tribune, did a special feature special for Valentine's Day...

They not only filmed "June's Gift of Music" to the residents of the Benedictine Nursing Home, but they also followed me to the Sofitel Hotel where June and I dined together in memory...

Their Story was entitled: "Man Honor's Wife of 56 Years On Valentine's Day". (2011)




Reader's Comments 

Jackie Irving  - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (21 February 2016): "That was a lovely tribute to June...when I read how very much you miss June my heart aches with you do a wonderful job of keeping her memory alive and I feel that I know her...I would love to have had a conversation with her...just know that although you may feel alone Stan you are in my thoughts and prayers often...I'm here if you ever want to talk Stan...keep well...keep warm ...and take care...God bless." 

Ena Castle  - Brisbane, Australia - (21 February 2016): "You were and are a very devoted couple Stanton. Hold on is a rare thing to possess...It realy is a Never ending story for you and. June and it will continue in through eternity.May god bless you both and keep you safe. Ena"

Sharon Gay Nakamura - Universal City, Texas - (21 February 2016): " Stanton, this made me cry, but it is such a beautiful tribute. "I'll Be Seeing You" reminds me of my dad, and his 2nd wife, who passed from cancer, as his 1st wife, my mom, passed from cancer too. You are an amazing, and resilient being, and I love you for your spirit. God Bless you!"

Debbie Larsen  - Buffalo, Minnesota - (21 February 2016): "Thank you Stanton , its beautiful and I shared this as I find so many memories of my Mother Ellie in your verses. I loved her so very much. Again, thank you..."

John Stevens - Twin Falls, Idaho - (21 February 2016): "You are with me always. The memories never fade. Some day soon I will be with you once again. Hand in hand. Forever. "

Vee McGannon  - Hartley, Kent, United Kingdom - (21 February 2016): "Just beautiful... My dear Roy was only in my life for 3 wonderful years & how I wished I had as many memories as you."

Patricia Speck  - Cardiff, United Kingdom - (22 February 2016): "Absolutely beautiful Stan. June was so blessed to share her life with such a loving man, and you likewise. You have wonderful memories to treasure. Not many can boast either of having their life in the news . The piece was so touching and such a wonderful tribute to ;lasting love'. I wonder how many today will reach such a wonderful age of married life. Our vows were 'til death do us part'. Today it seems to be 'until I have had enough of you and meet someone else' I know I sound cynical...but that is the way it often seems to me. Divorce is far to easy, The news revue was so very beautiful. You have so much to thank and praise God for. Thank you so much for sharing you life together...I hope that one day someone puts all this into book form. It's a true Romance Story...and would be a best seller. May our God be with you always., comforting you in your very sad loss as only HE can. I know HE is taking care of you right and always will. You are never alone my friend."

Nurat Magbool - Bangalore, India - (22 February 2016):" Heart moving poem!"

Karen Glover - Oakdale, New York - (22 February 2016): "I love your reference to a Virtuous Character in the bible verse Proverbs 31 v10 heart emoticon."

Louisa C. Scanlon  - Ebbw Vale, United Kingdom - (22 February 2016): "It was a very beautiful tribute Stan to an extraordinary Love and life together, so very touching and poignant."

Angela Tesla - Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom - (22 February 2016): "That was lovely Stan.thanks for sharing it."

Joyce Dunne  - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (22 February 2016):"So moving Stanton ,thanks for sharing . God Bless..."

Patricia Higgins - Glasgow, United Kingdom - (22 February 2016):"You and June had a special love together and that love is for ever and you will share that love again Stanton."

Sabrina Harris McBride - Fort Worth, Texas - (22 February 2016): "A Proverbs 31 woman...what a blessing. This is unspeakably beautiful. Thank you for honoring your wife so beautifully."

Donna J. Burtch - Natick, Massachusetts - (22 February 2016): "Stan, these words and images are so lovely. Your June was so obviously a gem, and you are, I am sure, a gem, too."

Tajalli Patrice McDonough  - Tacoma, Washington - (2 February 2016): "What a lovely tribute!."

Julie Harrison - Chorley, United Kingdom - (22 February 2016): "That is lovely, and Very moving , Stanton..."

Marsha McKneely Ault - Nacogdoches, Texas - (22 February 2016):"I will just tell you once again how grateful I am to have, to know of the example you and June have given the world of what real love is all about. In our world today love seems to be more selfish and what is in it for me. I am sure June finds you in all those wonderful places too if not only in her memories on high. The verses you shared are some of my favorite. Hope you have a good day, my dear friend."

Paula Valentino  - Bristol, Connecticut - (22 February 2016):Amazing and touching."

Nancy Carrillo - New Bedford, Massachusetts - (22 February 2016): "She is truly loved heart and soul."



June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom and into Jesus presence to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on this link:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"