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"About Alzheimer's" - A Power Point Presentation

Alzheimer's Brain and Normal

It was early in the year 2007, that I started working in collaboration with a young lady (Patti Paulson) to produce a power point presentation that would tell the story of Alzheimer’s.  It was After the 5th edition of this presentation, (December 2007)  that Ms. Paulson discontinued her collaboration in this project. It was Ms. Paulson's knowledge of Power Point presentations that caused me to elect this manner of of presenting the subject...

This current 14th edition (2019) of the Power Point slide presentation is titledAbout Alzheimer’s”.

The purpose of the initial and the current versions of the Power Point Presentation was and is to tell the story of Alzheimer’s in a way that would inform and educate the viewer in five (5) basic areas.


1.  The origin and history of Alzheimer’s as a disease.

2.  Inform the viewer as to the usual symptoms and the basic stages that the disease would progress through to an eventual termination.

3.   Show data on the prevalence, size and dimension of the Alzheimer’s disease problem to society in the United States and the State of Minnesota in particular...

4.   Identify and picture well known celebrities or public figures that have been or are victims of the disease Alzheimer’s, thus putting a face on the disease....

5. Outline areas that individuals may assist in bringing about a public awareness of Alzheimer’s as well as promoting funding and research to find a cure.


As we have changed, updated and enlarged the presentation, we have gone through several editions of what is now currently our 12th Edition. (2016) It is our intention to each year, update statistical data relating to the disease as well as providing the most current information and making any necessary corrections in the data on the disease.

Currently the "About Alzheimer's" presentation consists of a total of 87 slides (14th Edition 2019) with a normal viewing time of approx. 20 + minutes. This power point presentation is offered for download onto your computer for your individual viewing at Leisure and for presentation to others.

Prior to the issuance of this new 14th edition, approximately 36,500 persons have used the "About Alzheimer' s" PPS.

 Stan Berg   - July 2019


Download the "About Alzheimer's" Power Point Presentation by clicking the below link: 

"About Alzheimer's" - Powerpoint Presentation



STAN'S COMMENT: (October 2020) Since this PPS Program was first made available in 2008, over 40,000 Persons have downloaded and viewed the PP Slide Show.


Note: This Power Point Presentation 14th Edition, requires a  MS Power Point viewer program on your computer. Left click your mouse or touchpad to advance slides.



Reader's Comments

Alzheimer's Recoveries - Council Bluffs, Iowa - (17 February 2012): "...This is a wonderful power point! Thank you so much for providing this for our awareness!"

Alexandra Zimmerman - Delmar, New York - (17 February 2012): "Learned a few things; this is pretty darn cool ...Even in school, where I concentrated in Geriatric Social Work, I didn't know some of the very early history of the disease...very interesting! I will be sharing this for sure!"

Dianne Cogar - Springfield, Ohio - (24 July 2012): "I believe you've got things covered well Stan. Just keep up the amazing work your heart is so dedicated to doing. You are appreciated much more than you know. The world is being educated on the matter one day at a time... " (31 July 2012 - 10th Edition): "Very good Job,... Interesting resource and well designed. Thank you for sharing your valuable time and knowledge on the subject of Alzheimer's. It's certain there are many people out in this big world who benefit from all your hard work."

Melissa Parson - Seattle, Washington - (24 July 2012): "nice job. The King Lear quote was spot on and heart breaking."

Debbi Ring-Westbury - Bay Point, California - (24 July 2012): "This is really good. Well thought out and put together. Thank you so much for making a difference and for trying to bring awareness to such a cruel disease. I am glad you are doing something positive with your pain. I am grateful the Lord had us cross paths. I made another app. for my mom hoping she trusts this doctor and we can get a legitimate diagnosis, one she will be willing to accept. Please pray the Lord will make her heart and mind willing to accept whatever the doctor says and she will be willing to take help and the meds. We see the doc in a month. Hard to wait but all in God's timing. Thank you."

Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland-Labrador, Inc. - Newfoundland, Canada - (25 July 2012): "Very interesting resource! Thank you so much for sharing! -Amelia White, Events Coordinator"

Rose Elley- Roseville, California - (25 July 2012): "Excellent work!!"...""Sharing AGAIN. Hope everyone will take a moment to go through this INCREDIBLE power point presentation that is a work reflecting the love and intelligence of ..., EXCELLENT WORK . Click on the link and then you must scoll down to the BLUE TEXT that is the ALzheimer's presentation. Honestly people, do NOT WAIT until this happens in yoru family. This is a TERRIBLE disease that REALLY REALLY REALLY need funding. Support TEAM LOVE. I will post a link for TEAM LOVE followign this post. "

Sherrie Penner- Cokato, Minnesota - (25 July 2012): "That is a very informational power point. Nice job!"

Phillip Jackson - Atlanta, Georgia - (26 July 2012): "Encourage All to See this Valuable Information many well be faced with this terrible disease No Cure."

Carlene Moore Ellis - El Dorado Hills, California - (26 July 2012):  "I loved this and it made me cry. My MoM died of Alzheimers in 2002 at 90. I miss her every day. thanks So much for sharing."

Adrienne Francoise Miller- Alexandria, Virginia - (30 July 2012):  "I'm really impressed with this...very well done, Stan. If you don't mind, I'd like to print a couple copies and distribute them to our roll call room (I'm a detective with the Alexandria Police). Our officers come into contact every so often with people who suffer from Alzheimer's and it would help them recognize the signs more quickly and have a better understanding of it. Only with your permission though." (Permission granted - SB.)  "Thank you, from me and the Alexandria Police Department!"  Dianne Cogar - (31 July 2012): "Yet another beautiful way your work is paying off..."

Anthea Young- East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa - (31 July 2012): "Thank you for sharing Junes life with us. I love your Power Point Presentation because it is well written & very informative... & I have also worked on Power Point Presentations, so I am aware of the PP program... Thumbs up for your stunning presentation."

Lillian Thio- (1 August 2012): "Thanks for sharing. It comes in handy for me as I will presenting this topic."

Michael Neuvirth - Farmington Hills, Michigan - (26 July 2013): "This is an amazing presentation - a must see."

George Richard Herschel  - Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom - (26 July 2013): "Good work Stanton."

Catherine Jones-Hatcher  - Richmond, Virginia - (13 September 2016): "This is such a gift to people, Stan.. and something that will continue to benefit and educate folks for years to come. I remember well coming across June's site six long years ago. .when I was just learning the horrors of Alzheimer's. Your writings gave me information I so badly needed, and in a way I could understand. The science was there, but so was the human side...the love story of you and June, the stories of your hard working mother, and the influence of your dear stepfather( whom you credit with setting your life in a new direction). Your tireless efforts continue...and you continue to have both my respect and gratitude. Thank you...from myself. And from every other soul who will be so thrilled when they find your work in their time of need and desperation."

Ena Castle -  Brisbane, Australia - (13 September 2016): "Thank you Stanton. Well done.Again.!!!!"

Vea Flood - Spring Hill, Florida - (13 September 2016): "Thank you Stan for all the work that you do, my friend."

Jackie Irving - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (14 September 2016): "Thank you Stan work so hard you are entitled to blow your own trumpet now and are the gift that keeps on giving ...what you do is invaluable to us all .....thank you once again I'm so glad to call you my friend...God bless."

Kelly Louise Douglas  - Blackpool, United Kingdom - (14 September 2016): "You should be proud of it Stanton, the work your are doing is fantastic well done." 

Lauren Rose Champkin - London, United Kingdom - (14 September 2016): "Wishing you the very best Stan....helps so many people and is an inspiration." 




This presentation is dedicated to my wife June K. Berg.  June who was the love of my life, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in January 1998, following symptoms first noted in 1997... June passed away from complications of Alzheimer's on 23 October 2008, almost 12 years later...on that day, a light in my heart went out forever...,

June Berg 1994


June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website under the "In Memoriam" label -  or just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam".