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Dianne's Poems of "June and Stan's Life and Love"

Dianne Cogar

The lady who is the source of all of the beautiful poems on this page is Dianne Cogar, 60,.........She is a married lady (Jack) with children (Christina and Justin) and a granddaughter Emily…Dianne has been writing poetry since her childhood. Dianne first began writing professionally in 1993…Dianne is a freelance writer in greeting cards, anthologies and calendars published by Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.

Dianne is also a frequent contributor to publications of a non profit organization called Salesian Missions which helps indigent children around the world…currently Dianne has numerous stories and poems published in various national magazines… Dianne has created “legacy poems” for notables like Comedian Phyllis Diller, Freewill Masons, an interior designer for Buckingham Palace, a clothes designer from India, missionaries living in Brazil, clergymen and others…

Dianne writes under the professional name of “HeartLeaks”  Poetry.

In behalf of June and myself, I would like to thank Dianne for her kindness and generosity in creating the poems and placing them on June’s website to honor June’s memory...soften my grief journey and tell the world that Alzheimer’s may take June away but not her memory and the cause of her cruel passing…

Whatever prompted or inspired Dianne to write poems about June and Stan's life together is both a mystery and their good fortune …Dianne is not only an energetic but also a dedicated poet...


The poems by Dianne as found on this page are all listed in their order of appearance in the below “Table of Contents”…simply scroll down the page to the desired poem or poems.


Stan's Note: As of March 2022, approximately 18,480 persons have visited this page.



 Table of Contents


    1.  "To My Valentine, My Angel..."

    2.  "With Hands Entwined"

    3.  “If You Listen Carefully One Might Hear The Angels Sing”   

    4.   "The Greatest Gift I Ever Got".

    5.  "You're Not Alone Stan"

    6.  "With Every Flicker In The Night"

    7. "Somebody Cares"

    8.  "Ushered Into A Heavenly Kingdom"

    9.  "I'm Ever Your June, and You're Ever My Stan"

    10.  "How Calming and Beautiful A Thing is Happiness"  

    11.  "They Say "True Love" Comes From Being Friends First."

    12.  "Dearest June, Your Precious Memory Pervades My Mind"

    13.  “Sometimes

    14. “Our Love Story – Stan and June

    15.  “Hearts Ever Entwined, Love ever Burning

    16.  “Our 60th Anniversary 2012) – Without You Here

    17.  “This Never Ending Search

    18.  “Our Favorite Old Room

    19.  June, Your “Heart Gifts,” Mean The World to Me

    20.. "My Promise of Love"



To My Valentine, My Angel…

 My Beloved Wife, June K. Berg


True Love Is Our Blessing

A message of perpetual Love

As if spoken by her beloved husband, Stanton O. Berg


June and Stan 2003 

(June and Stan 2003 – 7th Year Alzheimer’s)


TRUE LOVE is a blessing, it’s unequal to any.

For it sees with the heart, generously and plenty.

When our worlds collided, for me and my June…

A “Divine appointment" matured and bloomed.


My proposal of love forever will thrive.

For I asked with my heart that June be my bride .

November 13th, nineteen fifty-one…

“From a Jack to a King”... then my loneliness was gone.


TRUE LOVE is our blessing, unequal to any.

May the life we once shared leave its mark here on many.

June's warmth and compassion, and my mindful heart…

To help others appreciate, every day, a new start.


Our dreams happily came true as we danced through the years...

To “The Tennessee Waltz,” now our song brings me tears.

Having June in my arms set my whole world on fire…

To love and to hold her “forever” was my greatest desire.


June purchased her 2003 Valentine for me in 2002...

“Hand in Hand, Side by Side, there’s nothing we can’t do...

Together you and I...soul to soul, Heart to Heart...”

These beautiful words on June’s card, will forever ring true.”

It was  years later, that June’s undelivered 2003 card was found.


TRUE LOVE is our blessing, it’s unequal to any..

My heart aches for my sweetheart and my prayers are many.

“I will love thee forever, beyond the years of my life...”

To my wonderful dear June, my Valentine, my Wife.


Dianne Cogar- HeartLeaks © Poetry -2016


Stan’s Notes: Dianne Cogar is a professional poet and a friend … Over the past few years, Dianne has composed a number of poems about June and Stan’s life and love…Dianne’s collection of beautiful poems honoring June’s life, have been preserved on a special page located on June’s website…Alzheimer’s is assumed to be present and a part of June’s life in all of Dianne’s poetry…This special poem was done in honor and memory of June and Valentines Day…the Valentine referenced in the poem, was one that June had intended for the year 2003 but Alzheimer’s took over June’s mind and it was not found until years later…


Published in the Minneapolis Star – Tribune, Sunday Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2016 –Variety Section – Lovelines –



"With Hands Entwined"

Written exclusively for Stanton O. Berg

Stan’s account of Precious moments and Precious memories

Stan Singing to June 


The room was quiet and ever so peaceful…

As Stan gazed into June's sweet face.

He held her hand with love and devotion.

His beautiful wife adorned with grace.


June's world was dark, she recalls no past. 

Though Stan reminisces the life they shared.

Her gentle touch stirred his emotions.

 And his devoted heart shows he still cares


'Precious Lord, take my hand

Lead me on, let me stand”

Though these words are what she'd hear…

 Stan longed to hear “I love you dear”


 June lives in fear, afraid and lost.

Her world jumbled, confused and tossed.

 While there he sings to his sweetheart…

He held her hand right from the start.


June's world was bleak, no love no laughter.

 His heart was shattered, in arrant gloom.

While there he prayed, dear God Almighty...

 Prepare your Mansion for my sweet June


Dianne Cogar -- HeartLeaks © Poetry - 2016


Stan’s Note’s: This beautiful and touching poem by Dianne was inspired by Stan’s daily ritual of singing to June as June was waking up from her afternoon nap – and at the time that June was in late stages of the terrible Alzheimer’s disease. 



 “If You Listen Carefully One Might Hear The Angels Sing”

(Phrase by Stanton O. Berg)

 Angels singing


Her beautiful smile was awe-inspiring

Her gentle touch was pure delight

Her pleasant voice could sooth my soul

And make my toppled world feel right


Her tender heart was understanding

Her manners stylish and true

Her faultless love was the epitome

Of a compassionate angel caring for you


If ever you'd listen carefully

To her tender words of endearment

One might hear the angels sing

And say that June was heaven sent


Her perfect love was everything

That I could want or need

And when the bells of heaven rang

My enthralled heart began to bleed


Dianne Cogar HeartLeaks Poetry © 2015


Stan’s Notes: I would often remark about June’s smile, that if one listened carefully one might hear the Angels sing…this often made remark of mine was the inspiration for Dianne’s poem…Example: In the Document I wrote entitled “June and Stan’s Life Together – A Summary” the following comment is made: “June was noted for her friendly smile...when June smiled even her eyes smiled and if one listened carefully, one might even hear the angels sing.”



"The Greatest Gift I Ever Got".


Written exclusively for Stanton O. Berg 
In memory of his beloved wife June


Dianne's scenery

The neighbors trees are glowing bright
Our cards are signed and sealed 
Our photographs of Christmas pasts
Sometimes, to me, seem so surreal
The greatest gift I ever got 
Was when you said " I do" 
I knew right then, without a doubt
That special wishes can come true 
I know I must go on with life 
While heaven has you there
I miss you more each day "my love" 
But then, you know I'll always care
A gentle snow is falling here 
I'm reminiscing "our life" again 
I plan to spread your joy this year
Through every door that you walked in
I envision your lovely catching smile
How it could light the darkest room
And I hear the words you gifted me 
When I became your faithful groom 
The greatest gift I ever got, 
No other can be measured... 
For the day that you became my bride 
I was given a gift I'll always treasure


 Dianne Cogar - HeartLeaks© Poetry 2015



  "You're Not Alone Stan"..

Written exclusively for Stanton O. Berg

As if spoken by his beloved wife, June


My dearest Stan, still stricken by sorrow
You're not alone, not today or tomorrow
For, I'll always be there, this I promised you
On the rite of our wedding when we both said "I do"
I see that it's hard to face each new day
Since we can't hold each other every step of the way
But with you I am there in spirit and "in love"
Watching over you always now from heaven above
You're not alone Stan, and you'll never be
As long as "I love you" and you still love me
Please take on each day with a heart full of zeal
And remember to smile much for me if you will
You still have our memories to warm up the night
And fresh sunny mornings to light up your life
You still have our children, though David's with me
And you still have my blessing to live life with glee
You're not alone Stan, though you'll always miss
The hugs held between us and each tender kiss
Just as do I, but let's keep this in mind
A " love story" like ours is one-of-a-kind
I see that it's difficult at times without me
But each step that you take helps me to fly free
Just knowing you live and still love with intent
Reminds me, as well, that our love's heaven-sent
You're not alone Stan, and you'll never-ever be
Don't think for a moment you exist without me
There's no way to change when and why I departed
Though I do understand why you're still brokenhearted
But let's take each day the good Lord designs
To find joy in our moments, leave sorrow behind
And then in the hours of twilight and trance
We'll come together and continue our dance
You're not alone Stan...
Love, June


Dianne Cogar© 
HeartLeaks© Poetry 2015

Stan's Notes: This beautiful poem by Dianne was/is in response to a page on June's website titled: "June - I'll Walk Alone" appears as a "Reader's Comment" on that page...(June and Marriage section.) For those who would like to see the page where Dianne's poem first appeared as a Reader's Comment, click on this link:  "June - I'll Walk Alone" 


"With Every Flicker in The Night"

Sue's Candle for June 


Staring into the wavering flame

A candle burns and brightly shines

I hear the echo of Junes sweet name 

While turning back the hands of time


I wonder through a past long gone

Remembering her while there I rest

I feel her nestled by my side

Her warm soft hand upon my chest


With every flicker in the night

Her memory dances in my head

The hours fade, tears flood my eyes

In time of prayer the more I said


I see her standing at the gate

A beautiful smile lights up her face

She whispers "darling I will wait"

Then fades away without a trace.


Dianne Cogar © October 2015


Stan's Notes: My daughter Susan of Cary, North Carolina lite a candle in honor of her mother (my wife)  June K. Berg on the 7th anniversary (2015) of her death from Alzheimer's on 23 October 2008...when Dianne saw the photo of the candle and my note, she was inspired to write the beautiful poem that appears above.



"Somebody Cares"

Blue moon 


"I hope tomorrow you see a bright and beautiful blue moon.

Not causing you heartache or lingering gloom.

I hope the sun warms your sweet but lonely heart.

 Giving you life and a beautiful fresh start.


 I hope the the hours go slowly, and mellow you away.

 And through the time you spend with God you smile as you pray.

I hope the days still ahead fill your heart with a song...

Cause someone truly cares just how you get along."


Dianne Cogar - (2013


Stan’s Notes:  This beautiful poem by Dianne Cogar was done on 29 July 2013 and appeared as a “Reader’s Comment” to June’s page “Hello Walls…it was Dianne's response to the page's theme of my sadness at loosing June...I thought it would be appropriate to move a copy of the poem to Dianne’s special page of poetry…To see the page “Hello Walls” where Dianne’s poem originally appeared in the "Reader's Comments" section...




"Ushered Into A Heavenly Kingdom"

Heavenly flight 


 Her golden halo beautifully shines

Her broken spirit is now refined

For angels ushered June away

To heavens kingdom that October day


Her worldly war is over, and now they meet

She's kneeling happily at Gods feet

Her body's healed, her mind is strong

She knows right where her heart belongs.


God said, “ sweet precious child of mine,

Who yearns for my love so sweet and kind,

As loved one's bowed their heads to pray.

I called upon you here this day...


And now your spirit is full of life,

You're free from pain and free from strife.

Then at that moment tear drops ran

As June recalled her loving Stan

She called his name and whispered clear...

“I'll wait for you my precious dear!”


Dianne Cogar -  August 2015 - HeartLeaks Poetry


  Dianne's Notes: "I love this poem. For me, it's very visual and heartfelt."



“I'm Ever Your June, and You're Ever My Stan”

June and Stan's Hands 

 (June and Stan's Hands - November 2007)


Close your eyes my dear sweet Stan

Now feel me gently holding your hand

And see the tears I weep for you

Until we're together I'll miss you too


But rest your weary head tonight

And peacefully sleep for I'm alright

I feel the love you send my way

Your faithful heart shines night and day


Amid the pleasure of heaven's beauty

Amid the joy of my new duty

Amid the angels seen everywhere

Our hearts still link from here to there


Now close your eyes my wonderful man

And let me hold your strong kind hand

So you may sleep in full content

And know my love is heaven sent


Now dream sweet dreams all through the night

And rest assured I'll be alright

And when you wake to each new day

Let joy and life lead you the way


May friends and family, and others too

Come to know just what “true love” can do

And may their hearts finally understand

That I'm ever your June, and you're ever my Stan


 Dianne Cogar - HeartLeaks Poetry© - 2015


Dianne’s Notes: “Looking out into the heavens from my office window this starlit evening, and I though about June watching over you throughout the night. I hope you enjoy this poem that came to me…even wept a little writing this one. - July 2015”



"How Calming and Beautiful a Thing is Happiness"


(June - Early Alzheimer's)


A cherished memory,

A peaceful time,

A grateful moment…

A spiritual sign


 A memorable smile,

 A “forever” love…

My beautiful June

In Heaven above!


A past I treasure,

 An angel I long…

Innumerable feelings

In our love song!


And all the heart requires,

Is to open my mind to

What makes me smile…

 For deep inside, I truly feel

We’ll meet again at

The Mansion On The Hill!


Dianne Cogar – HeartLeaks Poetry -  July 2015



"They Say “True Love” Comes From Being Friends First"

- Stanton and June Berg -

 June and Stan 

(June and Stan - 1991) 


True love, they say, evolves from friendship

And that a loyal friendship empowers the mind

To look way beyond the superficial

And to value justly those true and kind


 Because we became friends, and great lover's too

And because we loved deeply, two hearts unchained

And because I still think the whole world of June

Her memory lives on just the same


True love, they say, evolves from a friendship

But for me and my June “true love” came first

For, her radiant beauty favored that of an angel

And her tender sweet kiss satisfied my strong thirst


Because our friendship grew loyal and strong

As we journeyed through life “in love,” hand in hand

Settled deep in my heart June will always belong

Ever loved and so cherished by her faithful Stan


They say “true love” comes from being friends first

But darling, our hearts found a way to take lead

I'll always thank God for this friendship He paired

And for the gift of eternity where our “True Love” proceeds

and hand in hand I'll ever be with my beautiful June, my " true love."


Dianne Cogar - HeartLeaks Poetry© 2015




"Dearest June, Your Precious Memory Pervades My Mind"

From the thoughts of Stanton O. Berg

As perceived and written by Dianne Cogar

In remembrance of his beloved wife, June.

 Stan with June's picture  


The memory of your beauty pervades my mind

Ever flowing through my soul and my heart

The love you have given improves who I am

Bringing sunshine about even though we're apart


The memory of you and your sweet gentle voice

Are the gifts that I cherish to this day

And there's nothing compared or so beautiful to me

That could ever take any of those things away


When the sun's shining brightly over Gardena Lane

A place that together we cherished and loved

I look into the heavens and whisper your name

Entwining my heart with yours up above


While Summer turns to Fall and Winter turns to Spring

Like the ebb of a great ocean tide

My emotions keep stirring remembering our dreams

In a peaceful flow outward they're revived with such pride


June, the memory of your sweetness pervades my mind

Ever flowing through the veins of my now lonely life

And I still long to hold and kiss you ever slow

My beautiful and precious, dear sweet lovely wife


Dianne Cogar - © 2015 





(A poem for you Stan)

Old Chapel Stained Glass 

(June and Stan’s Redeemer “Old Chapel”)


Sometimes we all feel "under the weather."

Sometimes it hurts just to smile.

Sometimes we worry, sometimes we mourn.

Sometimes our problems just seem to pile.


 Sometimes we wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Sometimes we plan every move.

Sometimes we feel on top of the world.

 Sometimes we're not in the groove.


Sometimes we laugh at life and all of its faults.

 Sometimes we cry, yes, often it's true...

But never will God, our Father and friend,

Stop loving or give up on you.


Sometimes we can't be the person we were.

Sometimes we feel so ashamed.

 But you can rely on God, as your best friend,

 To forgive you and love you the same.


 Sometimes we want, when we really should be giving.

Sometimes we hate when we should love.

Sometimes we wonder if life is worth living.

While forgetting our life is a gift from above.


Sometimes our pain is much more than emotions.

 Sometimes our flesh aches in sorrow..

But God will provide joy and bathe us in love…

To help us through each new tomorrow.


Sometimes it's sunny, Sometimes there's haze…

Sometimes the outlook is bleak.

But God will be there to help pull you through…

When life makes you angry or weak.


Sometimes a prayer will calm all your fears…

Sometimes your friends help out too.

But keeping the faith and doing God’s deeds…

 You'll ultimately see your way through.


For God so loves the world…

 That  you will always be, very special to him!


Dianne Cogar, Legacy Poet - 2012





“Our Love Story - Stan and June”

 (The Journey....From Our Beginning…)

June and San 1977 

(June and Stan - Lake Geneva -  1977) 


From our beginning we found a rich life just  waiting to unfold.

 A love story like no other, so warm and so bold.

Together we would build a life of wisdom, trust and fashion...

Stronger than the strongest love, and designed from Gods own passion.


From our beginning, our life began to warm...

The past was gone,  we had survived the strongest storm.

 Our love was made in heaven, our lives were meant to be...

Examples of a pure devotion for all the world to see.


Each tender kiss would take control of every word we'd speak.

 Embracing each other was all It took to make our strong hearts weak.

Together we would build a life, respectful and content...

Just the way the good Lord planned, the way "true love" is meant.


From our beginning, time would slowly die...

Far faster than the heavens change, much more than we could try.

Our lives were on a constant journey, together heart to heart...

And not knowing what tomorrow held, each day we longed to start.


From our beginning, and now throughout all time,

 Our hearts will love and thrive through prayer, never to unwind.

Our "perfect love" will linger on, and ever be as told...

For ours is etched on heavens gates... two hearts infused with gold.


Dianne Cogar – Legacy Poet, July 2012




"Hearts Ever Entwined, Love Ever Burning"

  June and Stan May 2002

(June - Stan - May 2002 - 6th Year Alzheimer's -60th Anniversary)


Your gentle smile, and caring heart reminds me everyday,

Our love could only grow more beautiful in a very special way.


Those years still linger in my mind, Our marriage tells it all...

Your love meant all the world to me, and mine for you shall stand forever tall.

The memory of our first embrace, the memory of a first sweet kiss,

Are shadowed in a distant past, but things I will forever miss.


Your memory  keeps my heart entralled...

Your vision's all I have today for God had early called.

I know He's watching over you, I'm sure you're His delight..

For angels, great, fly high and long and guard us day and night.


I love you June, though you're now gone, And heaven has you there,

Entwined we are, heart to heart... for you, I'll always care.

Now in the night, when dreams take place, your face is all I see

But I trust God is asking you to watch down over me

I know you'll keep me in your sight, and I know you love me too...


Our years are branded in my mind, your love has never gone...

Yes, in my heart, entwined with yours, our time will linger on.

It seems like an eternity since God took you from me...

but our love is a love that is cherished for all the world to see!


October marks the saddest hour, when God came to prepare...

Heaven's induction of my lovely June and put her in his care.

My thoughts of June will never fade, This world has just stopped turning...

Though hearts, entwined; this Love God made...Will ever go on burning.


Dianne Cogar, (c)  May 2012


Dianne's Notes: "This special poem of the heart is composed in honor of June and Stan Berg on their Anniversary, August 16th"…as my written impression of Stan’s loving thoughts. 




"Our 60th Anniversary (2012) - Without You Here"

Wedding picture 

 (June and Stan’s Wedding Photo – August 1952)


 June as I look upon this day that we wed in Gods sight,

The floodgates of memory will open with joy and delight.

And June, on this Anniversary without you here…

I miss you the more... every day, every month every year


On this Anniversary, though your not here,

I know that you'll wipe my flow of each tear.

I know that you'll hold me and sooth me with poise...

As you whisper"I love you" in that soft tender voice.


I'll whisper the words that once gave you delight ...

As I dream of your hugs  through the lonely dark night.

I'll weep and endure the hours we're apart...

Then I'll pray, long and hard, and  smile at dawns start.


And when this day passes, when my heart beats steady,

I'll rest all my worries 'til God says I'm ready.

And tomorrow I'll  celebrate our love, tried and true,

Still wishing for the moment that I’ll be there with you.


I'll always believe when the Lord calls me home,

Our hearts shall unite with reliving the greatest love poem.

For I know that Gods plans are most wonderful and true..

'His loving  heart is sending my love straight to you.


* Dianne Cogar – Legacy Poet - 2012




“This Never Ending Search”..

 June 1974 

 (June – 1974)


As long as you are searching Stan, your time is duly filled.

The memory of Junes tender smile has kept your love revealed.

No moments go unnoticed when silence fills the room,

Your aim to meet your June again will surely come to bloom


Your wish is to hold her and, your prayer is to see her face.

Blessings are drenched in visions to calm this lonely place

Remember  time is a healing gift, that God bequeaths to you.

These are not moments set in stone, trust God will help you through.


As long as you are searching, and love is your main cause,

Your quest in life will soon prevail, for true love cannot pause.

In life love holds no limit, in death the sand still flows,

No time apart will stall your hearts, for true love only grows.


Your love to hold sweet June again in the old familiar way,

Will help you see the  future in all Gods plans some day.

With patience time will ease your pain, just as it has before,

And in the knowledge that June still loves you all the more.


As long as you hold in your heart, the sweet memories of your past,

Your time with June will never end, for true love will always last.

No moments go unnoticed Stan, when loneliness breaks your heart

But trust that God has planned for you one day, a brand new start.


Dianne Cogar,  Legacy Poet …April 2013




"In Our Favorite Old Room"

June, fireplace and wumpy 

(June relaxing in her recliner by the fireplace with "Wumpy")


(Written exclusively for Stanton O. Berg 
in memory of his beloved wife, June)


Droning a slow and old familiar sweet tune...

Staring through the darkness in our favorite room.

Where memories still gather, now ever so grown...

Connecting our hearts, two souls here alone.


June's whispers occlude my weak weary mind...

And my teary eyes tire as I rest to unwind. 

A vision of her beauty unaware looms apace...

As I look into the darkness I can see her sweet face.


Where reddish gold embers of wavering bright lights... 

Still inflame my weak heart throughout long lonely nights. 

Where I sometimes sit humming an old familiar tune... 

June still lights up my life in our most favorite room.


My heavy heart drubs to the sound and the rhythm... 

Of her favorite melody, such a soothing old hymn. 

And soon my thoughts muddle, delusional but wise...

For I still hear her voice and see her blue eyes.


Her whispers occlude my worn somnolent mind...

As these teary eyes close I see June's brightly shine.

Through red and gold embers that light our favorite room...

Where two hearts strum lively to our love-lines in tune.


The nights fleetly pass and each new dawn stirs...

Where fresh golden hues remind me of her.

In our most favorite room where the sun shines aflame... 

As it lights up June's smile in my favorite old frame.


Dianne Cogar  HeartLeaks Poetry  © 2015



June, Your "Heart-Gifts" Mean The World To Me

(From the loving thoughts of Stanton Berg for his wife June)

Stan with June's picture 

(Redeemer Lutheran Church directory February 2012)


 June, your most precious gift to me is Love; a present I'd open forevermore...

Your gentle touch, your calming voice, your tender smile I so adore!


Your gift to me is Understanding; a treasure that comes from the fairest heart...

Forgiveness isn't a stranger to you, but something that you would ever part.


Your gift to me is Happiness; an emotional song that we both long to share...

As long as you are in my thoughts, then I can live life without a care!


Your gift to me is Respect; I feel like a King loving his Queen.

No visionary here... my affections for you, so real, must be seen!

I hold you high within my heart, our passions soar on the wings of a dove...

And I'll never take these words for granted, "ours is a gift, an appointed love."


Your gift to me is Compassion; whenever I'm ill or feeling distraught...

Your soothing voice calms my fears, as your loving care has always brought.

Life is such a celebration, and our togetherness makes it for ever more...

And you are the melody, my dearest sweetheart,

In the Tennessee Waltz that we both so adore.


Your gift to me is the Wish we share; that our life and our love never ends...


Dianne Cogar © for Stan’s Birthday 2012



"My Promise Of Love"

June raleigh

(Stan's Promise to June)


Love is so romantic, it's strange and never sways

Fulfilling our emotions, taking up our nights and days

Of all that occupies my heart and makes me smile with glee

My darling June has been right here-- empowering life inside of me


Love is so romantic, and even though June's been gone so long...  

She keeps the flame inside my soul burning so ever strong

Her memory keeps me warm at night, her love was so sincere

No other could compare to her-- or duplicate her warm sweet cheer


I promised my darling long ago to ever have and ever hold

And from the promise that June kept, it turned my heart to solid gold 

She made my life so very rich-- fulfilling dreams in pure delight 

She never turned away from me - morning, noon, or night


I never ever turn my head to take June off my mind 

For it would only cause more grief, no weakness left behind 

The promise of love I gave to June could never slow my life

However long God keeps me here, she'll always be my loving wife


And in the hour that we reunite - a moment that's meant to be

The promise of love I gave to June will trigger the joy in me

And happiness will be "ours" again-- embraced in arms of love 

And like old times we'll kiss and share, our "ever love" in heaven above


Love is so romantic-- some friendships will fade, and some will grow 

But when you truly find " the one" their love will never let you go

And June has been my everything-- right from the very start

I promised her to have and hold-- and, June today still has my heart


 Written exclusively for June and Stan Berg 

Dianne Cogar, " HeartLeaks Poetry - 2015 



- Reader's Comments

Stan’s Introductory Comments: By publishing these “Reader’s Comments,” it is not my intention to in any way suggest that the marriage relationship and the love that June and I had/have for each other and experienced during our lifetime together is in any way superior to similar relationships of other’s. It is merely a collection of the reactions of readers to this page in June’s website. Some are simple appreciative comments; some are generous and kind comments reflecting the care and concern of others. Some comments are a sharing of the reader’s own experiences. Many reflect the love of God. These comments often reflect the human and the caring side of the readers. It is my hope that if June is able to look in on us, that she can see and understand how much I appreciate the love and the life that she gave to me and that I miss her very much…there will never be another to take her place! If anyone is searching for evidence of a caring and loving God, need they look further then these reader's comments?


Ursula Zarecki Sypniewski - Toms River, New Jersey - (29 May 2012): "What a beautiful poem! It was definitely meant for you and June! Had teary eyes while reading it."

Nidhin Das S - Cochin, Kerala, India - (29 May 2012): "Hearts Tied Together Forever With Love...God Bless You!" 

Debbie Larsen - Buffalo, Minnesota - (29 May 2012): "This is so beautiful, its a love story that will continue forever, Stan and June, two hearts that became one love for eternity."

Patricia Higgins -Glasgow, Scotland, UK - (29 May 2012):  "Beautiful Poem for a very special couple."

Michelle Hall Miller - Irvington, Alabama - (29 May 2012):  "She did a wonderful homage to your life and love with June!"

Beth Ann Doucette -Lino Lakes, Minnesota - (29 May 2012):  "This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing."

Angela LeMay - BBC Cornwall, United Kingdom - (30 May 2012): "I feel a film coming up."

Valentina Dose  -Waupaca, Wisconsin - (24 September 2012):"It really is a beautiful poem."

Anthea Young  - East London, Eastern Cape, United Kingdom - (16 November 2012): "BEAUTIFUL and HEART WARMING POEM! -<3 Thank you, kindly for sharing."

Bertha Dusenberry  - Ridgewood, New Jersey - (16 November 2012): "Ohhh so very touching Stan. What a beautiful and special lady June must have been...and what a wonderful loving couple you were. She just looks like she would have been one very special, caring, loving lady.Thank you for sharing."

Marion Reinartz  - Cologne, Germany - (17 November 2012): "Thanks for sharing Stan ...I like it!"

Vicki Cadogan  - Limerick, Ireland - (17 November 2012): "Beautiful Stan, brought a few tears to my eyes. What a great love ye had and will have again."

Timothy Hayes  - Dublin, Ireland - (17 November 2012):"It is beautiful Stan, a living memory, touched my heart. God bless."

Melanie Jean Gardiner  - Sidarion, Kerkira, Greece - (18 November 2012): "Wonderful Stan..."

Nancy Carillo  - New Bedford, Massachusetts  - (9 July 2015): "This gave me a chill  (Favorite Room) as i read it this is a great poem Stan you should have it framed its sad yet extremely beautiful."

Toots Scudder - London, United Kingdom - (9 July 2015): "That's beautiful, (Favorite Room) what a love  you shared and still do, bless you both."

Mary B. Walsh - East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania - (9 July 2015); "Of all the photos of June you have shared, this is my favorite. (Favorite Room) It is a perfect picture of contentment; total satisfaction in her world, her marriage and her life. I’m sure it is bittersweet for you to look at, remembering that time-but knowing now the total disruption that was ahead when Alzheimer’s entered your world. Dianne’s poem completes the picture beautifully!"

Charolette Hill Horne - Jonesboro, Arkansas - (9 July 2015): "Tremendously beautiful expressions of an unending love story."

Kathy Williams - Huntsville, Texas - (9 July 2015):"You two have such a beautiful story ! I heard the country song "Johnny and June" today and immediately thought of you and your beautiful June ! Have a blessed day Stan...Thank YOU for continuing to share your journey."

Jackie Irving  - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (10 July 2015): "Stanton...Alzheimer's takes away so takes the past the future and the people we love dearly...even though they are still there...but you know that only too to you Stanton...(2 August 2015): Stan ...the poems are lovely are blessed with such a friend....she has true talent in the written word lovely that she has written these poems for the two of you...June is never must bring you comfort to read them have two people write poems for you is must feel very honored!...(7 August 2015): "So beautifully written Stan...its so heartfelt...she has a gift of bringing emotion to her poems ...I'm so looking forward to reading more...take care and God bless Stan."

Toots Scudder - London, United Kingdom _ (16 July 2015):"So beautiful  ( "Dearest June...") and what a beautiful photo, I'm speechless, just too stunning for words..." (7 September 2025): "Just beautiful, a real tear jerker."...(Ushered Into Heaven)."

Catherine Jones-Hatcher - Richmond, Virginia - (1 August 2015): "I love Diane's work. She can really put feelings into touching words. Thank you for sharing it with us!"

Lenny Macion Alexander  - United Kingdom - (2 August 2015): "Wonderful. I have shared poem on legacy box concept page." 

Julie L. Berg  - Columbia Heights, Minnesota - (2 August 2015): "I love the poem and I really like that picture of Mom. That's how I like to remember her by."

Marsha McKneely Ault - Nacogdoches, Texas - (2 August 2015):"I love this photo of June and her great smile. I also love Dianne Cogar's  beautiful poem. Hope you have a good Sabbath."

Vea Flood - Spring Hill, Florida(6 August 2015): "Wow...very teary right now...that was so nice and very beautiful!!"  (I'm Ever Your June...)

Karen Glover  - Suffolk County, New York - (7 August 2015): "I love the way the poem makes you feel a certain peacefulness and reassurance... beautifully written." (I'm Ever your June...)

Ken Barnes  - Liss, United Kingdom - (7 August 2015): "Very moving and so well written my friend." (I'm Ever Your June...)

Jackie Irving  - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (7 September 2015): "It's beautiful Stan!...made all the more special because its so personal to you and June...Diane is a gifted poet...(28 September 2015): Beautiful Stan....straight from the heart...(Somebody Cares)"

Toots Scudder - London, United Kingdom - (28 September 2015):"Wonderful words Stanton, and what a stunning picture...(Somebody Cares)

Anne Donnelly  - Belfast, United Kingdom - (28 September 2015):"That was beautiful Stanton the picture also lovely thanks for sharing this with us bless you ...(Somebody Cares)

Marsha McKneely Ault  - Nacogdoches, Texas - (10 January 2016): "We writers feel drawn to pen words that can describe the beautiful love exhibited by Stan for his beloved June--but I feel their love is far more than words can convey. Yet this is poem describes the heartbreak caused by Alzheimer's and how a devoted husband continues to love beyond the veil."

Jackie Irving  - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (15 February 2016): "J The poems by Dianne as a valentine tribute to you and June is, as always very beautiful, it must bring you comfort to know June is held with much affection stan.... This disease is merciless ...and is a terrible journey which takes so much from our loved ones...and we in turn suffer the pain of watching them slowly disappear must have been heart wrenching to discover June's touching card Stan...I'm sure as always ...she will be watching over you .....I'm going to sit down later and read through some of diannes poems on June's page....its one of my favourite things to do .....take care Stan and God bless. "



 June and Stan's Life Together - A Summary -

June and Stan were both products of poor farm families, and raised during the "great depression" years...they both finished high school in the World War II years...June and Stan first met in the spring of 1951 while he was home on leave from the Army during the Korean War days...They became engaged in the fall of 1951 and were married in August of 1952 following Stan's discharge from the Army...June and Stan became the last of the old fashioned "traditional families" in which June was in charge of the home (homemaker) and Stan was in charge of income production. June and Stan had a joint discretionary checking account. They jointly planned vacations and family activities...they were also the first in the history of their own two families to be able to offer a college education (tuition paid) to those of their children who desired to better their own education.

In looking back at their life, June clearly had the toughest challenges as the "lady in charge of the home"...Stan recalls a former neighbor and friend of June's telling him in later years, how much she admired well organized June was and how this lady wished she could be more like June. June not only ran the home including the housekeeping, laundry, and meals, but also functioned as a wonderful mother, a grandmother and a wife.

June was also a very active force in their Redeemer Lutheran church where she pulled a very heavy oar...June served as a Women's Circle Chairwoman and held meetings in our home. June taught a church Sunday School Class. June also served as a Girl Scout leader in the then church sponsored Girl Scout Troop. She also served as a member of the Church Board, and served on the church Nominating committees. June was a frequent Nursing home visitor. June served as an Evangelism team member and was a Sunday morning Church Greeter... 

June was noted for her friendly smile...when June smiled even her eyes smiled and if one listened carefully, one might even hear the angels sing.

June always managed to look fresh, sharp and beautiful. During the times and days of their early limited income. June made many of the children's clothes as well as some of her own clothing on her own "Singer" sewing machine in order to assist with a then very tight family budget. June also served as the family barber and cut the children's hair...June was so proficient as a barber that she frequently received requests to cut some of the neighborhood children's hair. Stan really do not know how June did it all...

June and Stan Lake Geneva 1977

After their child raising years came to an end, (June and Stan have four children and 21 grandchildren) Stan took an early retirement from his administrative job with a large insurance company (State Farm) after 32 Years (1984) and then plunged full energy into a second career of forensic science consulting. Stan's forensic consulting career which originated as a part-time business in 1961, suddenly became full-time...


Photo on right is June and Stan at a corporate business conference at the "Playboy Club" in Lake Geneva in 1977...we were seated ringside for an evening of entertainment...June and the on stage entertainer, had a continuing repartee during his all started when June responded to comments he had directed at her...suddenly June became favorably known by many of the conference attendees and other guests and received friendly comments the following day...


Stan's second career was spawned and inspired by his early days (4 years) with the Army at their Counter Intelligence Corp. Center in Baltimore with his free time spent in the nearby Baltimore Police Department's Identification Division...this was followed by his later forensic research published in forensic peer review publications.

June became Stan's administrative assistant in their new life which quickly became a life of the forensic business rapidly prospered, it required travel through out the United States, Canada and Europe...Stan was also fortunate to be a part of a number of high profile cases including the Robert Kennedy Assassination 1975), the SLA assassination of the Oakland School Supt. Marcus Foster (1975), the Chicago Riots following the Martin Luther King assassination (1968), and the Chicago Police and Black Panther shootout (1977)...


June's AAFS name tag

June traveled with Stan at least 100 times to forensic science conferences that criss-crossed the US, Canada and Europe...Stan was also fortunate in being selected as the chairman of 4 such international conferences in the forensic sciences...Edinburgh (1972), Zurich (1975), Bergen (1981), and Dusseldorf (1993)...


June's name badge (right) for the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, conferences held at Reno, Nevada in February 2000.


June and Stan participated in the first ever international forensic science conference in the Soviet Union during the height of the cold war in 1969...June and Stan danced the night away in Moscow's Rossia a 1973 forensic medicine conference in Rome, June shook hands with Pope Paul VI during an audience...London became June's favorite city...during a conference at Oxford University in 1984, June and Stan lived in the historic old student housing of Christ Church College and Queen's Colleges...

Because of their related Sherlockian interests, June and Stan visited all the Sherlockian historical haunts in London during their 8 visits and capped it off by attending London's Sherlock Holmes Festival in 1999...June became Stan's Dr Watson for a lifetime...and what a wonderful life they had.

Both June and Stan were life long fans of the old classic country western music. Because of their participation in forensic science conferences scheduled at nearby Nashville, they were able to attend the Grand Ole Opry on three different occasions. (1990, 1992, and 1996)

June and her winning smile made friends where ever they traveled!...June's radiance could change a moody day...June became a very special plus in Stan's new professional career...


Photo below is of June at the meeting of the Midwest Association of Forensic Scientists, Fairview Heights, Illinois in October 1989...nine years before her diagnosis of Alzheimer's.


June K. Berg 


The Alzheimer's Years

It was after some 20 years and 1000 forensic cases later at the age of 77, as Alzheimer's started taking over their lives in the year 2004, that Stan retired a second time to devote full time to June's care...

It Was in 1997 that June had called for her own diagnosis when she noted short term memory problems...the diagnosis of early stage Alzheimer's in January 1998 caused them to re-evaluate their remaining life together...rather then become a part of the "Memory Cafe's" scene where everyone was a constant reminder of Alzheimer's, they decided to make the most of their remaining years together before the disease took control...they made their "bucket list" and they did them all...they lived life to the fullest...most of the relatives and family friends did not even realize that June had Alzheimer's...they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2002...beginning in 2004 and later, Alzheimer's started slowly taking control...there after, Stan lost June tear drop by tear June slowly slipped into the shadows of Alzheimer's...eventually June was in a world where Stan could no longer reach her!...this was the saddest of times..

Before June's Alzheimer's diagnosis their world and June's character and personality was represented by a vast sea of bright and beautiful lights. After June's Alzheimer's diagnosis, these bright lights all begin to slowly dim. As June slowly slipped deeper into the shadows of Alzheimer's, the lights gradually flickered out one by one. Eventually the time came during the last two years of her life, when the brightness that marked their world and June’s life was replaced by one of darkness...for the last year of June's life she was almost totally non-responsive and could not walk or talk or use her hands and arms...June had difficulty eating...

June's hand gently cupped over mine and her soft voice telling me:  "I love you Stan" were then just memories.

It was late 2008 after a 12 year journey into the Alzheimer's darkness and as June lay like a wounded and exhausted soldier on a field of battle, that God gently touched June's shoulder and she heard the words: "Come Home June!"

June's passing was as if a most beautiful symphony that played during June and Stan's life together, had now ceased to exist!

Stan - Looking Back

I was so richly blessed by having June and her unconditional love in my life for 56 years...regardless of the  cruel impact of Alzheimer's during the final period of June's travel into the shadows of this terrible remains as a very dark period in our overall richly blessed lives...lives that I would not change if it meant that my life would be a life without June.

I have often described June and my life together as a "Divine appointment"...I think it was clearly much more then just a simple blessing. I owe June and God an unending debt! 

While I have also described it as "winning the lottery of life!" was God that handed us the winning tickets...Thank you God!

I will love June until the sands of time cease their endless trickle...June is always on my mind and in my is my hope that we will meet again in Heaven when my final bell tolls...



June's Passing

June 1994  


After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"