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"Remembering June" - 65th Wedding Anniversary - 2017


"Remembering June" - 65th Wedding Anniversary - 2017

Written by Stanton O. Berg

JUNE 1951

(June's Christmas Gift Photo to Stan in December 1951)


June and Stan were married for 56 years when June passed away on October 23rd, 2008...another victim of Alzheimer’s...since I consider myself still married to June, although she is now in Heaven, I continue to celebrate our anniversaries each and every year...and I will do so until I am no is now 2017 and our 65th anniversary is here with it’s many memories of June and my life together...

June and Stan were both products of poor farm families who lived through the “Great Depression” days...We had a great life together before Alzheimer’s came to stay in 1997...I was a forensic scientist and June was my administrative assistant....the forensic consulting career allowed June and I to travel the world over...and that we did...


Remembering June

I remember...when June and I first met on a bright spring morning in 1951 at a small Cafe, Gullickson’s,  in Barron, Wisconsin...our first date a day later on a beautiful spring evening at “The Spot”,  a special restaurant on Lake Chetek.

I remember....when I Proposed to June on a November Evening in 1951 while we were sitting in my car after having a Dinner Together that Night...June accepted my marriage proposal and I went from a "Jack to a King".

I remember...when we were married on a warm and sunny 16th of August of 1952 at the Wesley Methodist Church, Bloomington, Illinois...Mrs. Veach who made our a wedding cake and donated the use of her old Mansion for a week as our honeymoon home...the county license bureau that opened for us on a Saturday .

I remember...the difficulty we had in financing our first home purchase in 1954 at 4316 Oneida Street, Lakeside in Duluth...even with a Korean War Army service GI Bill loan guarantee...we had no credit as we had never had a loan before...

! remember...June prayed us through the 1965 Fridley Tornadoes that left us unhurt but severely damaging our home.

I remember...our annual camping trips to "Custer Park", in the "Black Hills" of South Dakota in late 1950’s...our numerous “Rock Hounding” and Agate hunting excursions.

I remember...our first Airline flight on Western Airlines to San Francisco in 1967...Fisherman’s Wharf, Cable Cars, Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge...our later fun visits with the “Hippies” at Haight and-Asbury....

I remember...our trip to Russia in October 1969, on a first ever, Forensic Science Cultural exchange during the “Cold War”...the intrigue of Moscow,. the Kremlin, and .Lenin’s Tomb,. St. Basil’s Cathedral,.the Moscow River, .waltzing the night away at the "Rossia" Hotel,. the romance of Leningrad.

I remember...our first ever, flaming “Crepe Suzettes1969, at a charming restaurant in Budapest...our night with the Gypsy’s and our first real “Hungarian Goulash.

I remember...The beauty of the Blue Danube from Budapest to Vienna, 1969, the fascinating “Coffee House” in Vienna...and an evening of Strauss music....

I remember...Edinburgh in 1972 and the exciting reception by “Her Majesty’s Government”... the sighting of Prince Charles near the Royal summer palace....

I remember...Rome in 1973 and the delightful reception at the Campidoglio hosted by Italy’s President Leone...the reception at the U.S. Embassy....the sidewalk Cafe’s in the warm fall... June’s concern for the little orphaned kittens at the Coliseum...our audience with the Pope at the Vatican and June’s delight at Pope Paul shaking her hand....

I remember... the picturesque old German University town of Gottingen in the fall of 1974...attended by many of Germany and the worlds dated back to 955 AD...Gottingen is located on what was then the politically and physically divided East-West German border...June loved exploring and shopping in this quaint  and historic old town...

I remember...the breathtaking cable car ride down Mt. Pilatus near Zurich in 1975....the beauty of the Swiss Alps...

I remember...our numerous trips to London (1972-1999) and our friends the Bruce’s of nearby Bexley, Kent. A picnic lunch with the Bruce’s above the white cliffs at Eastbourne on England’s South coast. A luncheon yacht cruise on the Thames. Visiting Churchill’s home...the Sherlock Holmes Hotel...the awe of Westminster Abbey, .the reception at the House of Lords hosted by Lord Cottesloe...June’s shopping trips to Harrods...the guard at Buckingham Palace who winked at June...when June taught me to use the “London Underground”...The Sherlock Holmes reception in the high walkways of the Tower Bridge.

I remember...our week at Oxford University in 1984...our stay at the historical "Christ Church College" and "Queen’s College’s"...our daily “High Tea” in a little restaurant overlooking Oxford’s main street...

I remember...when I joined the Fidley American Legion Post 303 in 1986 as a Korean War Veteran and June joined the Legion Ladies Auxiliary...our every Friday night Dinners at the Legion Club.  

I remember...the first of our three trips to the “Grand Old Opry” at Nashville beginning in 1990. June turned my reluctance into what would be an “Opry enthusiast”...

I remember... the beauty of Dusseldorfon the banks of the Rhine River in the late summer of 1993...the historical majesty of the nearby Cologne Gothic Cathedral that dates into the German Medieval times...

I remember...our 1997 visit to New York City and our hotel on "Time’s Square".... June’s emotional visit to "Ellis Island" and memories of her mother Haldis who had immigrated there from Norway...

I remember... how June’s prayers and her inspiring examples of faith brought me into the Lutheran Christian church...our daily mealtime Grace periods when June always thanked God amid tears for all he had done for us...even as she was well into the darkness of Alzheimer’s.

I remember...the day we arrived at a "Bluegrass session" just as twin violins struck up their soulful strains...strains that awakened dormant and pleasant thoughts of June’s father Henry, a violinist, then long gone....June looked up at me smiling and said “I’m so happy!”...but only God knows how happy June has made me.

I Remember...when June and I had a 1993 Forensic Science Conference on a Yacht...a three day Cruise Conference from Los Angeles and Catalina Island to Ensenada, Mexico and return to Los Angeles.

I Remember...when June and I had our forensic Travels in Canada with our Canadian Forensic friends...(1976-1998)...Toronto and the CN Tower and Niagara Falls...Montreal and the French Atmosphere...Vancouver's Beautiful Bay, Waters and Mountains.


While few people would agree that our 1951 meeting was a “divine appointment”, however for me, when God allowed a sentimental fool like me to care for June, for a lifetime, he granted me what would be my life’s highest honor and privilege...

June, you have given me a life-long adventure. Thanks for the memories and for 56 years of your unconditional love before God called you home...happy 65th anniversary in Heaven sweetheart...since I am now 89 years of age, it will not be long before you hear me call your name...



June and Stan's 50th Anniversary

(June - Stan's 50th Anniversary  Party - 2002 - June in Early stages of Alzheimer's - Doing Fine)


Visit June's website for complete information on Alzheimer's Disease



Publishing History

Revised, updated an Published  in the Sunday Edition of the Minneapolis Star - Tribune, 21 August 2016 -

First published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on our anniversary, Thursday August 16th 2007 in the Celebrations section -  (This first tribute to June was published just one year before June passed away on October 23rd 2008.)



Reader's Comments

Jackie Irving  - Liverpool, United Kingdom - (10 August 2016): "I so enjoyed this post Stan...and looking at your picture you make such a striking couple...I am in awe of the colorful fascinating life you and June shared together...such precious memories ...I too have visited London and Westminster Abbey, Buckingham palace...and all the tourist spots...I didn't like the underground though...well if it's true that travel broadens the mind then you must have a wealth of experience with different cultures that would be hard to match...thank you so much for sharing Stan...I enjoyed reading about all your memories and adventures so much....God bless."

Nancy Carrillo -New Bedford, Massachusetts - (10 August 2016): "Happy Anniversary Stan and June..."

Disney UP illustration

Patricia Speck - Cardiff, United Kingdom - (10 August 2016): "You have led a full and very interesting life Stan...blessed with true love with June and with the blessings of God. Just wonderful my friend."

Heather Jane Black - Manly, New South Wales, Australia - (10 August 2016): "You lived such a full life together. Whilst your words made me shed a tear,they are truly beautiful. Oh, to have a husband who felt so deeply. What a blessing you were to each other."

Catherine Jones-Hatcher - Richmond, Virginia - (10 August 2016): "I never tire of hearing of your life together...such sweet and humble beginnings, and ultimately rising to traveling a wide world together. I especially am touched with your memory of the bluegrass music "wakening" memories of her dad for her, even if brief. Few folks can say they have ever known the depth of love the two of you share. Happy upcoming Anniversary, my friend."

Karina Hardy - Hindley, Wigan, United Kingdom - (11 August 2016): "My god I'm in tears here, so beautiful, how lucky you both are."

Teri Evans - Dunwoody, Georgia - (11 August 2016): "I think this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. And I think that you placing it in the paper and on her FB page and here every year on your anniversary is one of the sweetest, most loving, romantic things I've ever seen. What an incredible life and love you and June must have shared. Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us. Happy Anniversary to you and to your Angel June. One can only hope for that special kind of love and devotion in their lifetime. I had it once, many years ago. He is now my Angel too. Bless you, Stan. I know you will be happy the day you see June again"

Vivien Baillie - Letterston, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom - (11 August 2016): "A beautiful photo Stan, June was a beautiful lady and you made a handsome couple. You had some wonderful times together and such happy memories..."

Louise Ann Howard - Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia - (11 August 2016): "Priceless and so so much to treasure always my dear mate. so so lovely i walked each step with you and June. what an amazing life. loved it so so much."

Dawn Henriksen -  Eden Prairie, Minnesota (11 August 2016): "Beautiful sentiments for a wonderful life. Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds."

Jane Jackman- Ringwood, United Kingdom - (11 August 2016): "So many beautiful memories and such a full and wonderful life with your lovely June!"

Marsha McKneely Ault - Nacogdoches, Texas - (11 August 2016): "Thank you for your example of true, forever love, my friend."

Janice Kennedy  - Coon Rapids, Minnesota - (11 August 2016):"Happy Anniversary to you & June!  Yes, you are still married and will be reunited again someday!"

Susan Day - Dayton, Ohio - (11 August 2016): "What wonderful memories you have of a life well lived together. I hope you have them written down even more completely with descriptions of your sights, sounds, and especially emotions as you have experienced them. You have a memoir (even memoirs) within your heart and mind that should be captured in a book..."

Paula Evander - Minneapolis, Minnesota - (11 August 2016): "Lovely couple with a lifetime of memories to treasure. Once you're reunited, you will forget about all of the time you spent apart."

June Weatherbee - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - (11 August 2016): :Wow, what an awesome life story you have written! Beautifully done!"

Fred Will Wallace  - Orlando, Florida - (11 August 2016): "Stanton, this was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Your story reminded me what life's all about."

Sharon Dawn Lovelock - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom - (11 August 2016): "Awww thats lovely Stan Ilost my husband 10 years ago very suddenly, i still celebrate our anniversary & his birthday..."

Elisabeth Buckley - Manchester, United Kingdom - (11 August 2016): "A beautiful account of your marriage and journey of faith together. She's now with the Lord in total peace. God rest her soul."

Nicola Addison - Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom - (11 August 2016): "Beautiful life story and totally stunning photograph, you have loved each other so much."

Michael Prakop - Hampton, New Hampshire  - (12 August 2016):"What a tribute to each other. I am married for 32 yrs, but this beautiful post makes me want to hug her more and longer."

David Capewell - Nottingham, United Kingdom - (12 August 2016): " What a wonderful story Stan , I just hope I can relate a similar story as yours, all the very best Stan."...(Stan's Note: I'm sure you will David.)

Helen Kiely-O'Regan  - Cork, Ireland - (12 August 2016): "Happy Anniversary to you Stan and to June in Heaven. Such true devotion. You'll be together again one day sharing your beautiful love for always."

Beverly Pingenot  - Norfolk, Virginia - (12 August 2016): "So many wonderful memories. God certainly had his hand in your meeting. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful woman in heart and soul!!!...Yours is a beautiful love story."



 June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"