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June's Little Day Brightners...

Junes gift elderly ladies

(June's message to Elderly Ladies sitting and Dining Alone)


Once a week I have lunch at one of several restaurants that June and I always loved to dine at in past times when June was still with me...these same restaurants now have a "June's Alzheimer's Awareness Card" dispenser at their front check out desks...these cards available and dispensed to the interested public, tell a brief story of both June and my mother Ellen, who were both Alzheimer's well as providing information to the public on the prevalence of the Alzheimer's is our effort to promote awareness of the disease and hopefully stimulate funding and research to find a cure. I have lunch at each restaurant once a week as a thank you to the restaurant for permitting me to dispense June's awareness cards at their front check out desk. The restaurants involved are Applebee's in Fridley, Baker's Square in Blaine, Green Mill in Rosedale,  Keys in Spring Lake Park, New Brighton Bar and Grill (formerly Champps), Perkins in Fridley and The Embers in Fridley. There is also a dispenser at Maxines, in my home town of Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The purpose of my weekly visits is to also replace dispensed cards in the dispensers.  

While having my lunch, I always keep a look out for what I call “Lonely looking elderly ladies sitting by themselves”…it is my intention and hope that I can add a day brightener to the life of some lonely lady living alone through June and my intervention and hopefully with God's blessings!

The stories as related below, are all represenative examples of reactions by elderly ladies when receiving June's offer of a gift of desert as both a gift from June and as a reflection of God's love...hopefully these examples will give the reader an understanding of what I am trying to accomplish in both June and God's behalf.


A Few Elderly Lady Responses

(10 March 2015)..."today I saw such a lady, an attractive elderly lady with white hair sitting alone in one of the end booths at Keys…I gave my waitress one of my specially prepared June messages for such ladies…(see illustration above) is a message from June inviting the lady to have a gift of pie, ice cream or other such desert as a love gift from God…the waitress is instructed to keep my involvement anonymous and if the lady accepts the small gift, to bill me for the amount but do not make this obvious to the lady that I am involved or paying the bill. The lady read the message from June and accepted June's offer via the waitress…

I had just finished my meal so I was in the process of leaving when the lady came in and sat down…my waitress handled it all very expeditiously and brought the lady’s pie bill to the front desk where I was waiting to see what happened…The waitress advised me that the lady said to thank me…I told the waitress that it was from June and I was not supposed to be involved…well it turned out that this lady knew and recognized June as being from her own church…our church has a large membership…at that point the lady caught me at the door as I was leaving to give me a personal thank you…I again affirmed that the gift of a pie that she selected, was from June and not from me…

What the lady then said to me, brought tears to my eyes as I left the restaurant to return to my car…the lady told me how many people knew June and that June was a lady who had brightened the lives of many who have come in contact with her…what a great way to end my visit to Key’s…I could not help but think of how June with God’s help is still brightening lives…

(24 March 2015) my waitress at Key's advised me of an elderly lady sitting alone on the far side of restaurant...a lady that she thought would qualify for one of my June's gifts of a desert...I gave her June's printed message for delivery...almost immediately she returned to say the lady (Cheryl) accepted June's offer (a slice of Banana Cream Pie) and expressed how touched that she was by the offer and advised that her mother was also a victim of Alzheimer's... 

(2 May 2015) the manager at Applebee's alerted me to an elderly lady sitting alone near the windows...I gave the manager the "Elderly Lady Message from June" to give to her and see if she wanted to accept June's gift of desert...the manager returned in a few minutes to say that after reading the message from June, the lady started crying and told the manager that she had also lost her mother to Alzheimer's...she accepted June's gift of desert...another lady who had lost her mother to this terrible disease.

(1, 3 June 2015)...three elderly ladies on my last two visits to Ember's...the first lady who accepted June's offer became very emotional...she took out her hankerchief to wipe her eyes, then put her face in her hands and wept...later she again had to wipe her eyes...the second and third ones on a later visit, were not emotional at all...the 2nd one commented on "How Sweet" and the 3rd one in an expression of surprise blurted out: "No Kidding!"...



The Results

June’s Gift to lonely elderly ladies of a desert (Pie, cake, Ice Cream)…the results for the 7 month review period - February 2015 to 11 September 2015 - are shown below...

June started this program in early February of this year and utilized six local restaurants in a sort of pilot program… (Baker’s Square, Keys, Perkins, Embers, Applebee’s, and the Green Mill.) The New Brighton Bar and Grill is closed for remodeling…

Because it is intended for what I call “lonely elderly ladies” dining alone, it is restrictive…not a large volume operation by any means…it sort of ebbs and flows…when it works it appears to bring joy to the elderly ladies as well as joy to June and myself..

Overall during this period of time, June has given out her gifts of desert twenty eight (28) times…

The hand’s down winner as the most active location has been Baker’s Square… where we were able to make the gift 11 times…Next is Ember’s at 6 times, then Keys with 5, Applebee’s 3, Perkins 2 and Green Mill with 1.

I am not surprised at Baker’s Square being the most active…it is almost the pie capital of the world and a favorite dining place for the elderly…the combination bar’s and grills are not that often frequented by lonely little old ladies…

The two at Perkins were actually stretch on my part to accommodate June’s program to this event…the two were actually a young elderly couple who were celebrating their 25th anniversary…what made me make an exception was the fact that they were both severely handicapped and were a mixed race couple… (Black and white)…they were most appreciative…I knew June’s heart would go out to them…

Today (9/11) was the last one to date…this was an elderly lady at Baker’s Square who later stopped by my table to thank me…she saw June’s picture on my table and put 2 and 2 together…she said she lost her husband a year ago…then started crying…and so it goes as the program goes on…


This is one of June and Stan's Purple Angel World Ambassador programs: June and Stan were both appointed as Purple Angel World Dementia Ambassadors  (October 2013) for the purpose of promoting world wide awareness of Alzheimer's and the dementia diseases. Such an awareness will in turn  promote funding for research to find a cure and to promote proper care practices. June was appointed an honorary Purple Angel Ambassador with Stan as her representative in order to promote her many  charitable programs that all have an Alzheimer's and dementia awareness connection. June is the only resident of Heaven to have received this honor...and who actually lives among the Angels...The Purple Angel world headquarters is in Devon, United Kingdom.


Reader's Comments

Dianne Wood  - Flintshire, United Kingdom - (10 March 2015): "When I look at your pictures of June I see a well loved, content, happy, lovely lady. You are very...and I'm sure she is very proud."

Stephanie Grier Bunker - Show Low, Arizona- (10 March 2015): "She is brightening my life through you."

Amanda Biggs-Debeen  - Drysdale VIC, Australia - (10 March 2015): "love this, very special."

Lyn Young  - Elgin, Moray, United Kingdom - (10 March 2015): "Junes kindness lives on! Take care Stanton." 

John Stevens  - Twin Falls, Idaho - (10 March 2015): "How does it feel to get caught in the act? Great story....(13 March 2015): "Let's face it. You are having a blast doing this.  Fun story...Happy for you Stan. Don't let those ladies down. They know someone cares and they are not alone...Stan's Comment: "You got that right gives purpose to my life and I very much appreciate God's help! 
Catherine Jones-Hatcher  - Richmond, Virginia - (10 March 2015): "What a gem you had!... And still do, in fact. Wonderful day! Happy for you!"
Patricia Speck  - Cardiff, United Kingdom - (11 March 2015):"What a beautiful story and wonderful tribute to your beloved June."
Debbie Taylor - Northallerton, United Kingdom - (11 March 2015):"How lovely, God bless."
Vea Flood - Bronx, New York - (11 March 2015): "That is just so sweet Stanton ...(12 September 2015): "That is so fantastic what June and you do just be stills my heart!!"
Susanna Nicholos  - Catskill, New York - (11 March 2015): "Stan I feel so honored that I am lucky to know you, June is looking down on you and all you do with love and the grace of God."
Karen Glover - Oakdale, New York - (11 March 2015):"Many blessings to you..."
Pam Joyce Walz - Moline, Ilinois - (21 March 2015): "Very heart touching...God Bless You' for carrying on June's loving inspiration!!"
Louise Ann Howard - Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia - (22 March 2015): "Oh Stan. what a wonderful heart...Your lady still giving. That made my day mate."
Steve Canaria  - London, United Kingdom - (24 March 2015): "Just love reading your posts Stan...Kindest thanks and wishing you much strength and peace of mind knowing your June left such a lovely legacy."
Liv McLennan -United Kingdom - (24 March 2015): "Stanton, this is such an amazing and lovely idea. I've not really read your blogs before, but am aware of you in the group, and of course your beloved June. Thank you so much for sharing snippets of your life post-dementia/post-caring. This has given me a lot to think about and maybe it's something I may think about doing in the future in memory of my wonderful mum. She didn't have dementia (that was my nan), but she died between Christmas and new year, of a rare form of cancer aged 58. Far too young, and I think I need to find a way to honour her. Thanks again. Peace and love with you." 
Donna Button- Bristol, United Kingdom(24 March 2015): "Stanton I've never met you or June in person but I feel you and June are my friends thank you I love reading your posts."
Tara P. Lodzinski - Kamloops, British Columbia - (24 March 2015):"People like you really make a difference!"
Gwen Oldenettel - Wichita, Kansas - (24 March 2015): "What a great idea!"
Susan Ann  - (24 March 2015): "How wonderful and touching your post is! Thanks for sharing."
Lynn Gibson  - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom - (24 March 2015): "You have been truly blessed in your lifetime Stanton!"
Janice Kennedy - Coon Rapids, Minnesota (24 March):"I think that what you're doing in June's name is very sweet!" 
Linda Lee - Garstang, United Kingdom - (25 March 2015):"I believe you truly blessed June's life too Stanton, keep up the good work, hearing about June's little brightners brightens my day."
Paulan Gordon  - Cincinnati, Ohio - (25 March 2015): "What a touching story."
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Mary Jill Bringgold - Cannon Falls, Minnesota - (7 April 2015): "You just know June is smiling down on all of this, Stan."
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Barbara Rayner  - Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom - (7 April 2015):"This has made me smile again. Such a wonderful and thoughtful gesture. God bless ..."
Diana Perera - Colombo, Sri Lanka - (7 April 2015):"What a lovely gesture. Both June and you are a wonderful couple. I am often alone and go to restaurants alone. In my country its a rare sight. Now when I next do, I know there Will be June looking down on me for company. And a man like you looking for a lonely lady like me. God bless her soul, and you Stanton."
Susanna Nicholos - Catskill, New York - (7 April 2015):"You and June are still doing Gods work thank you so much God bless..."
Tamara Babiak - Canada - (7 April 2015): "What a very lovely thing you and June have done. I only can believe there are wonderful people in this world....such a God send. Thank you so very much."
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