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Reminiscences of June, a Traveling Grandmother






Preface to Third – 2002- Edition

The First edition of June's story was prepared in 1998. (13 pages of text and 2 pages of photos.)

The Second edition (Millennium Edition) was prepared in 2000. (17 pages of text, 3 pages of photos and a pedigree chart.) Prior to the second edition I made some corrections where needed and expanded a number of the sections. A page of photographs was added to cover June's roots, ancestors and Norwegian heritage.

For the genealogically minded, I included an updated chart of June's pedigree.

This last (3rd) and final edition is for June's 75th birthday. In this edition I have added a page of pictures of all of June's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

You will find that some of the text sections have been expanded and reorganized. I have added a new section on some of June's rather colorful favorite expressions.

There is also a new section on selected early day friends, neighbors, relatives and schoolmates who impacted June's life and are still cherished by her today.

In some cases they may live on only in her memory. These are people who probably were in some way factors that may have influenced the shaping and forming June's character.

I hope that you will find this latest and final edition (30 pages of text.) to be an improvement over the prior editions and a worthy effort to honor June.


Preface to Fourth - Online Edition 2008

The fourth online edition was introduced when June's website was designed and created in June of 2008. The online edition makes for far greater flexibility on the addition of photographs and illustrations as well as additional text. The online edition will be a continuous effort during my lifetime...


This story in honor of June Berg's 75th birthday (November 8th, 2002) is intended primarily for her grandchildren. The guy that was privileged to hang around for most of her life is the narrator of this nostalgic and unabashedly sentimental journey backward in time.

I have always regretted not knowing more about my own maternal grandmother. I knew that she was a kind, caring, and hardworking lady who raised a large family. I knew that she was born in Sweden. Beyond that, I know very little about her life. I think it is unfortunate that one can live a lifetime and have grandchildren that know very little about the details of ones life. I know that most of you have or have had a very active relationship with your Grandma June.

However, I am sure that you know very little about Grandma' June's roots, the years and times of her growing to adulthood or her life's activities and travels. It is my hope that this story of June will help to supply such information. It is also possible that some of you may want to construct a family tree or family history at some time. This story could then become a source of information for you. Because this is the story of Grandma June, I am relating the story as an observer rather than as a participant. Because I lack any special talents as a storyteller, I would hope that you would overlook what might appear to be a fumbling or awkward approach to telling June's story. This obviously is an “unauthorized” biography. While June is pleased about a story of her life, she tends to be a little embarrassed by the idea.

June comes close to what is meant by the descriptive term of a person who has “been there and done that”. After 75 years she remains a very modest, sensitive, caring lady and one who is well traveled.


Early Edition Comments

Many of you have seen the little book that I prepared about June for her grandchildren. The real reason I wrote the book is related to June’s Alzheimer’s disease. I had various motives in mind when I prepared the first edition for her birthday back in 1998. (1.)  One motive was to provide (at least temporarily) a means for June to again remember, review or relive some of her personal books of memory that had been stolen from her mind’s library by this cruel disease.(2.)  One more selfish motive is that this results in some form of therapy for me. (3.) The most important motive however, was to provide a means for her grandchildren to see what kind of a person their grandmother really was before this relentless disease attacked her."

This story cover's June K. (Rolstad) Berg's life from the time of her birth on Tuesday Novemeber 8th, 1927 until the years circa 2000 as she entered the early stages of Alzheimer's.

For a summary of June's almost 12 year battle with Alzheimer's in the years 1997-2008, see the article on this web site with the title "June K. Berg's Journey into Alzheimer's" on the top navigation strip under the label "June and Alzheimer's." For your convenience click this link: 

 (June's Journey into Alzheimer's)



Table of Contents

Title Author
June's Family Roots - Varnes - Rolstad Written by Stanton O. Berg
Special People in June's Early Life Written by Stanton O. Berg
1927-1950 - June's Family Cars and Early Life Written by Stanton O. Berg
1927-1946 - Weathering the "Great Depression." Written by Stanton O. Berg
1933 - 1946 - June's School Days Written by Stanton O. Berg
1939-1952 - June - the Years of World War II and Korea Written by Stanton O. Berg
June's Homes During Her Lifetime Written by Stanton O. Berg
June's Life-Long Love for the Lutheran Church Written by Stanton O. Berg
June's Favorite Expressions Written by Stanton O. Berg
The Passing of June's Parents Written by Stanton O. Berg
1955-1966 - Berg Family Camping Trips Written by Stanton O. Berg
1960-1977 Early Auto Travels in the U.S. Written by Stanton O. Berg
1965, May 6th - June and The Fridley Tornadoes Written by Stanton O. Berg
1967 - 2003 - June's First Airline Flight and Later U.S. travels Written by Stanton O. Berg
1969 - June in Russia - Hungary - Austria Written by Stanton O. Berg
1972 - 1975 - June in Norway - Where it all Began! Written by Stanton O. Berg
1972 - June - Edinburgh - London Written by Stanton O. Berg
1973 - June in Rome - then on to London Written by Stanton O. Berg
1974 - June in London - Gottingen, Germany Written by Stanton O. Berg
1975 - June in Zurich - London Written by Stanton O. Berg
1976-1998 - June's Canadian Travels -Year of Diagnosis Written by Stanton O. Berg
1977 - June in London - Visiting Churchill's Estate Written by Stanton O. Berg
1984 - June in Oxford - London Written by Stanton O. Berg
1990-1996 - June at the "Grand Ole Opry" Written by Stanton O. Berg
1993 - June's Cruise to Mexico Written by Stanton O. Berg
1993 - June - London - Dusseldorf Written by Stanton O. Berg
1999 - London - Sherlock Holmes Festival - 3rd Year Alzheimer's Written by Stanton O. Berg
2000 - June at Maui - Hawaii - 4th year Alzheimer's Written by Stanton O. Berg
2000 - June's Bus Tour To Branson - 4th Year Alzheimer's Written by Stanton O. Berg
June and a Little Girl From Africa - (1995 - ) Written by Stanton O. Berg
June's Family - Children - Grandchildren - Life's End Written by Stanton O. Berg