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June K. Berg's Gifts of "Sweetheart" Valentine's Day Dinners

June Berg 1994In the year 2008, the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fridley introduced and sponsored a very special event for Valentine's Day. The event was called the "Sweetheart Valentine's Dinner." It was a very special evening "Candlelight Dinner". The proceeds went to fund church programs and missions. 

For June and I, Valentine's Day was always a very special event in our lives. We celebrated it from morning through the evening.  Cards, gift, luncheon and dinner. It was a day that was both planned for and looked forward to with anticipation.

The Redeemer Lutheran Church permitted June to participate in the 2nd annual Valentine's Day Dinner for 2009. June offered a gift of free tickets to this event for any Church couple who did not have the economic means to attend the function. June was also a participant in the 3rd annual  event in 2010 held on 13 February 2010.

It is also our goal to promote the awareness of Alzheimer's disease and thereby promote research and funding to find a cure for this terrible disease.

These gifts are in honor and memory of June K. Berg, a long time member of the Redeemer Lutheran Church who died from the complications of Alzheimer's disease on October 23rd, 2008. June a member of the church for over 50 years, was also a very active member of the church. I know that June is thrilled to have an opportunity to make love gifts on this special day, and thereby help to brighten and bring a special touch to this day for "lovers".

     Note: The funding is from June's personal life time savings!

This love gift from June is reserved for those couples in the church who are experiencing  a current economic hardship or disadvantage.

It is June and my hope that Redeemer Lutheran Church will continue to sponsor this beautiful event in the coming years as a regular annual event and that June will be able to continue her participation in it.

It is intended that a special letter from June to the gift ticket recipient will accompany each gift ticket. 

 Note: Redeemer Lutheran did not  sponsor a 2011 Valentine Sweetheart Dinner!

The Sweeheart Valentine's Dinner event at Redeemer was once again resumed in 2012 and is being held on 11 February 2012.  "Candlelight - four--course dinner for two with a keepsake photo."


Valentines's Dinners

 (Photo above is the notice used in the 2009 Sweetheart Valentine's Dinner by Redeemer Lutheran.)



Purple AngelJune and Stan were both appointed as Purple Angel World Dementia Ambassadors  (October 2013) for the purpose of promoting world wide awareness of Alzheimer's and the dementia diseases. Such an awareness will in turn  promote funding for research to find a cure and to promote proper care practices. June was appointed an honorary Purple Angel Ambassador with Stan as her representative in order to promote her many  charitable programs that all have an Alzheimer's and dementia awareness connection. June is the only resident of Heaven to have received this honor...and who actually lives among the Angels...The Purple Angel world headquarters is in Devon, United Kingdom.



 Events Log of June's Participation in Redeemer's Valentine's Dinners

1.  2009 - Sweetheart Valentine's Dinner February 14th 2009.

2.  2010 - Sweetheart Valentine's Dinner February 13th, 2010.

-  (No dinner held in 2011)

3.  2012 - Sweetheart Valentine's Dinner February 11th, 2012.


Below is the Counter Sign used to promote June's love Gift of Tickets to the Redeemr Sweetheart Valentine's  Dinner with an Alzheimer's disease connecton and an invitation to visit June's Website and learn about Alzheimer's disease!  - The sign is positioned on the front lobby counter of the Redeemer Lutheran Church.



 June's Valentine Dinner Counter Sign