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Harriet Tubman - In Memoriam


(Born Araminta Harriet Ross) 

  Circa 1822 – March 10, 1913 (91)


(Photo of Harriet T. with her 1873 Winchester Lever Action Rifle)




Harriet Tubman was an African American women born (Maryland) into slavery circa 1822. (Born Araminta Harriet Ross) She was a short lady only 5’-0” tall. When Harriet was in her 20’s (1849) she escaped to Philadelphia and started a life long career that has been described as an abolitionist and a humanitarian... She was also very active in the “Underground Railroad” movement for escaped slaves as well as "Women's Suffrage."

Harriet was also a lady who knew her way around the world of firearms...Harriet kept a Revolver close at hand for protection in her "Underground Railroad" activities...

Her service in the Union Army gave her a working knowledge of the Union Army's standard rifle, the Springfield model 1861, .58 caliber, muzzle loader.

A later years photograph (above) shows that Harriet kept up to date with the latest in firearms...and that she had migrated from the slow fire, muzzle loading single shot rifle to the Winchester lever action 1873 rapid fire repeater rifle.


Harriet was nicknamed "Moses"...In honor of her courageous efforts to rescue black slaves and lead them to freedom, abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison was said to have nick named her "Moses", comparing her to the Biblical prophet who led the Hebrews to freedom from Egypt.




Harriet T. was said to have carried a revolver which she was not afraid to use. This gun was also some protection from the ever-present slave catchers and their dogs ...This was during her “Underground Railroad” days...

Harriet also purportedly threatened to shoot any escaped slave who tried to turn back on the journey since that would threaten the safety of the remaining group.

Tubman told the tale of one man who insisted he was going to go back to the plantation when  morale got low among a group of fugitive slaves. She pointed the gun at his head and said, "You go on or die.

Several days later, he was with the group as they entered the United  Province of Canada."...(No details are available about the make and model of this gun)



(Harriet and her Revolver)




During the Civil War years Harriet served in the Union Army...first as a cook and nurse, and later as an armed scout and spy. She was said to be the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war. She guided the raid at Combahee Ferry which liberated more than 700 slaves.

An artist’s sketch of her during her Union Army days shows her armed with the standard rifle of the Union Army, an 1861 Springfield .58 caliber muzzle loading rifle. See the artist's drawing at the bottom of the page.



In 1865, the 14th Amendment became the law of the United States and it granted full citizenship rights to all former slaves...this resulted in the formation of the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) by a group of former Confederate Soldiers who were Democrats...this was an effort to control and counter the newly enfranchised slaves...who were nearly all Republicans as was Harriet Tubman. The KKK started their reign of terror not only against the black republicans but also their supporting white Republicans..

The formation of the Klu Klux Klan took place in Pulaski, Tennessee, December 24th, 1865, when a group of former confederate soldiers met and created a secret society the called The Klu Klux Klan. It became a para military force, bent on reversing the reconstruction policies of the government with the intention of influencing elections.

The KKK engaged in terrorist night time raids, destruction of property, assaults, murder and hangings, while they were garbed white robes and masks

The book “American History in Black and White” has supporting data (Congressional hearings) that shows for the the approx. years of 1865 to the early 1900's, an estimated 3,446 blacks and 1,297 supporting whites died at the end of KKK ropes.

Harriet T. at the time was living north of the danger zones.



Harriet T. had said early on that she did not like Lincoln but that a friend eventually changed her mind...Sojourner Truth told her Lincoln was “our friend” and had gone to the White House in October of 1864 to thank Lincoln for signing the Emancipation Proclamation. Sojourner Truth told her that Lincoln appreciated the visit but felt he only did what any president would have done in his shoes. Although Harriet did not personally meet Lincoln she referred to him as a "Great Man"...

For the rest of her life, Tubman regretted not meeting Lincoln and thanking him for ending slavery. One of her close friends, Helen Tatlock, said during an interview in 1939:

"I remember very clearly Harriet saying, and repeating, very often, that she did not know Lincoln. It was a deep sorrow and regret of her later years. She never recovered from that in any way.”



and the man who ended SLAVERYAbraham lincoln was the 16th Preaident who served from 1849 until 1861.

Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in the South by his declaration of "EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION" on January 1st, 1863.

Lincoln fought the Civil War to enforce the end of Southeran Slavery. The Civil War was the United States most costly war, with a total of 620,000 killed in action. (April 12th 1861 - May 9th, 1865).

Lincoln Promoted the THIRTEENTH (13th) Amendment to the United States Constitution to end all slavery in ALL of the UNITED STATES. When the amendment passed the House of Represenatives, Lincoln signed it and said it was "The Cause of the Civil War and an offense to God." (January 31ss, 1865)

It was Abraham Lincoln who signed into law the "HOMESTEAD ACT in 1863. This was the law that granted FREE land to most rural farmers in the United States. If the farmers worked the land and improved it, the land became theirs. Stan's mother Ellen and her parents (Stan's Grandparents) Mr. and Mrs Gabriel Nedland  (Scandanavian Immigrants) secured such land on the Yellow River (80 Acres) North of Barron, Wisconsin.

Lincoln's Life was ended by an assassin's bullet fired from a pistol into the back of Lincoln's head as Lincoln and his wife watched an opera from a booth overlooking the stage.

Lincoln was an example of the many great Reoublican Presidents of the United Statesthat there have been. (Reagan and Eisehhower are other such great Republican Presidents.

Every peice of CIVIL RIGHTS LEGISLATION has been promoted and passed by the Republicans. Even President Lyndon Johnson's Voting Rights Act/Bill was being filibustered to death by southern Democrates until the Republicans came to his rescue. More Republicans vted for his bill than Democrat voters!

Stan is proud to be a Republican. It is the Republicans who donate the most to Charity, donate the most Blood, and donate the Most Time to Charitable causes and purposes.





Harriet Tubman was a life long Republican.

In Harriet T’s later years, she was an active participant in the "Women’s Suffrage" movement.

She was twice married...her last husband died in 1888. ...Harriet T. did not receive a pension for her service in the Civil War until 1899.

Harriet was described as a “devout Christian” and was said to “experience strange visions and vivid dreams” which she ascribed to” premonitions” from God...This religious perspective informed her actions throughout her her later years she became associated with the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

Eventually Harriet retired to Auburn, New York where she cared for her aging parents. She continued active in the Women’s Suffrage movement until illness overtook her



As Harriet aged, seizures, headaches, and suffering from a childhood head trauma plagued her... she had difficulty sleeping because of pains and "buzzing" in her head...By 1911, her body was so frail that she had to be admitted into a rest home named in her honor. A New York newspaper described her as "ill and penniless", prompting supporters to offer donations.

It is entirely possible that she also had Alzheimer’s as the Alzheimer’s Association data and studies show that African American’s are 2 times more likely to get Alzheimer’s then any other addition she was in the age group (Mid 80’s) where all elderly person’s normally have about 1 chance in 2 of getting Alzheimer’s...seizures are frequently one of the late stage symptoms. Harriet T. died of pneumonia. Aspiration pneumonia is one of the most common Alzheimer’s complications to result in the late 1800’s death certificates were notoriously unreliable...the term “Alzheimer’s” or “Dementia” were not in common use.

Surrounded by friends and family members, Harriet died in 1913. Just before she died, she said aloud..."I go to prepare a place for you." (This is a quote by Jesus found in the New Testament John 14.3 KJV) I am sure that she was not talking to those at her bedside, but reminding Jesus of his promise to her.



Following her death she was buried with semi-military honors at Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn.


Presently plans are underway to also honor Harriet by replacing Andrew Jackson’s (Founder of the Democratic Party in 1828) photo on the front of the US twenty dollar bill with Harriet's photo and moving Andrew's photo to the backside of the bill...this is an ironic sort of justice in that Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic party, owned many slaves (150) that were said to work on his Hermitage Plantation.



(New Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Design)


Treasury secretary Jacob Lew advised that Andrew Jackson will move from the front of the $20 bill to the back of the bill making way for Harriet Tubman. Tubman will become the first black woman  to front a U.S. Banknote.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing will unveil the new looks on the 100th anniversary of Women's Suffrage (2020). The new bill will not go into circulation  at that time. It could take years befre the average American has a wallet full of Harriet Tubman $20's.



  Harriet tubman with civil war rifle

(Harriet T. with her Civil War Union Muzzle loading rifle)




1. EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION (Freeing The Slaves) President Abraham Lincoln, 1/1/1863.

2. 13th Amendment to the Constitution, ABOLISHING SLAVERY...Initiated by President Abraham Lincoln, ratified by the States in 1865.

*President Lincoln then fought a Civil War to insure that freedom with Casualties of Dead to both sides of 500,000...the deadliest and costliest war in the history of the county.

3.  The Klu Klux Act of 1871. This Act enabled President Grant to use Military Units to Break Up the Klan.

4. CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1957, (Voting Rights) President Dwight Eisenhower.

5. CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, (Labor Laws and  Right to  Work)...Although initiated by President Lyndon Johnson, Southern Democrats tried hard to filibuster it to death...the Republicans came to his rescue and saved the Bill...More Republicans voted for the Bill then Democrats!




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June's Passing

 June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:

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