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A Timely and Appropriate Article on Alzheimer's at

The article is by Madison Park of CNN and is tied into Thanksgiving Times and the resulting family reunions and visitations.   "What to do When Mom or Dad Doesn't Recognize You." 

The article is intended to be a practical set of instructions on how to handle various situations that may confront one when "Mom or Dad" has Alzheimer's. 

First there is a review of symptoms or clues that may suggest that "Mom or Dad" has Alzheimer's or some other dementia producing disease. 

This is followed by behavioral situations and the suggested responses.

 What if the person who has Alzheimer's disease doesn't remember who I am? 


The loved one no longer recognizes me. What do I do? 

What should I  do if he or she keeps asking me the same question? 

What are some habits to avoid? 

The article has a number of good practical suggestions for visitations with the early and middle stage victims of Alzheimer's. 

                                   You can find this useful CNN article by clicking on this link. 

For visitations with late and final stage Alzheimer's Victim, I would refer you to my essay on "Visiting the Friend, Relative or Loved One with Late Stage Alzheimer's" This article can be found in the "Care Practices" section of the current web site on June K. Berg.

In the late and final stages of Alzheimer's, the victim usually no longer talks or responds and may sit quietly with eye's closed, shutting out a world that is confusing or alien to them. 

The CNN article understates the prevalence of Alzheimer's by citing an old and outdated estimate of 4.5 million. Currently it is estimated that the number of victims exceeds 5.1 million.


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