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Where is God: - In This Alzheimer's World?

Power of Prayer


"Blessed be God...the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ...the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort where with we ourselves are comforted by God."

(2 Corinthians1:3-4 (KJV)


" Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

(Matthew 11:28 (KJV)



June went to Heaven on 23 October 2008 after an almost 12 year struggle with Alzheimer's...I was privileged to have been June's husband for over 56 years...June was a dedicated and lifetime servant of the Lord and an inspiration to is my great honor to respond in behalf of June as I would believe June would have responded!


WHERE IS GOD?…every day in this world of sorrow and strife this question is being raised ...many times it is by Caregivers for the Alzheimer’s or other dementia diseases…weary exhausted caregivers who have lost hope…I remember when I would ask this same question myself during June’s early days of her journey through the shadows of Alzheimer’s…The truth is that God can be found in prayer… he is waiting nearby to hear from you…he is ready to stand with you…I personally find that on many of my mornings, as an old man living alone in a house of memories of June, I am often feeling sad, lonely and dejected…

I call on God in prayer and I invite him to take over my mind, my mentality and my intellect and to lead and guide me for the rest of the day…this prayer always works for me…before long my day turns into a day of Joy…try asking God to share your burden with you…to lift you up…I am sure you will find that God is waiting to partner with you in your times of trouble…


Just have a little talk with Jesus...


And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear."...(Isaiah 65:24 (KJV)


“The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him…he also will hear their cry, and will save them…(Psalm 145: 18-19 (KJV)


Just have a little talk with Jesus...


God Hears PrayerTake time as a part of your prayer to thank God for what he has done for you…I remember that my wife June, even when she was deep into her Alzheimer’s, she always remembered to thank God even when she could remember little else…My wife June has always been my spiritual inspiration...she was responsible for the restoration of my faith...she was responsible for my renewed and enthusiastic involvement in our local Redeemer Lutheran that June has been taken from me as a victim of Alzheimer's, she continues to be my inspiration through our beautiful memories!!

Prayer is simply a conversation with God…I am far from an expert on prayers are always rather simple straight forward requests...not in any way eloquent or impressive...I am sure that God is not waiting or expecting to be impressed with your rhetoric's or your delivery...just tell God your troubles…Ask God for help...If we could only pray with the innocence and the focus of a child!

Eventually your relationship with God will progress and you will be able to say: 


"I have called upon thee, for thou wilt hear me, O God: incline thine ear unto me, and hear my speech. Shew thy marvellous loving kindness..."  (Psalm 17: 6-7 (KJV)


Just have a little talk with Jesus...



The Bible and other God's Promises to be With You When He is Needed


"Cast Your Cares on the LORD"

and He will sustain you;

He will never let the righteous fail..."  (Psalm 55:22)


"So do not fear, for I am with you,

do not be dismayed, for I am your GOD,

I will strengthen you and  help you, 

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." (Isaiah 41: 10)


 Never will I leave you;

never will I forsake you." (Hebrews 13: 5)


 Just have a little talk with Jesus...


“Expect Grace”

Walter Hermanns was a pastor who served the Holy Communion Lutheran Church of Racine, Wis... Pastor Hermann's died December 2013 at age 54 from complications of multiple sclerosis. His remarkable insight into God’s Grace can be found in his writings during his lifetime as a pastor…This commentary on God’s Grace is based on Pastor Hermann's selected writings as read by his daughter at his funeral:


“I was having one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. I got a late start in the morning, left some important papers on the kitchen table, and learned that a proposal on which I had spent hours and hours preparing had been turned down.

And then something happened that made all of these minor annoyances fade into the background.

I drove to Wilson’s coffee shop to meet some friends. As I transferred from the driver’s seat to my wheelchair, my foot got caught on the seat brace. Instead of having a cup of chai with my friends, I found myself on the floor of my van. Pinned between the wheelchair and the driver’s seat, I was completely helpless. After a minute or two of being angry, I started to cry ….

I’m not telling you all of this to seek your sympathy or pity. I’m sure many of you can tell me stories of even worse days in your life. Perhaps it’s the day when you lost your job or you were a victim of a crime or experienced the agony of a loved one dying. This is not a competition to see who has had “the worst day ever.”

It’s about what God does when we experience a “worst day.”

This has to do with grace.

I am privileged to spend some time each week with seniors at several Lincoln Lutheran facilities. Last week I asked them if they could describe the times in their life when God felt particularly close to them. I had imagined that the answers would be centered on memories of vivid sunsets or Thanksgiving dinner tables laden with food and surrounded by loved ones.

Instead, most of the people remembered feeling closest to God in times of loss or crisis.

“I felt God’s presence most clearly when my wife died.”

“God was closest to me during the war, when I was about to go into combat.”

What was happening here? They had experienced just what I had found to be true on my “worst day”: We often experience God’s presence and grace most clearly during times of sorrow or trial.

After I had a good cry on the floor of my van, I discovered that I could reach my hand back and pull out my cell-phone. Using my one free hand, I called a friend who was willing to drop everything to come and help me. With a combination of ingenuity and muscle, he got me off the floor and back into the driver’s seat. I drove home humbled yet again by the incredible kindness of friends.

I recalled the Apostle Paul’s promises that there is nothing in death or life that can separate us from God’s love, and that God will always give us access to the grace and strength we need to endure whatever trial or evil confronts us.

Expect Grace” reminds us that even though “bad things happen to good people,” all people can look to God for good things, especially when bad things happen.

Expect Grace” doesn’t downplay the difficulties of our situation or make light of our pain. I just doesn’t let them have the final word.

Expect Grace” challenges us to open our eyes to the presence of God in the midst of our suffering. As I learned from my Lincoln Lutheran friends, our trials can be gates through which God can enter our lives.

Expect Grace” invites us to be the bearers of grace to others in need. God can work through you to bring grace to others. Perhaps you can make a phone call to someone who is lonely, thank someone for a job well done…

Expect Grace” reminds me every morning that our world, which is so burdened by violence, pollution and hatred, is still filled to the brim with God’s incredible amazing grace.

 …why not expect grace today? Assume that God intends to touch you in your place of greatest need. All you have to do is receive it...Watch out. You may be changed forever!”


Just have a little talk with Jesus...


 A Short and Powerful Prayer for Caregivers



While prayers may be eloquent requests of God such as those of Billy Graham and other noted evangelists, they need only be a simple conversation with God…for those who wish a prayer outline or guide we offer the below prayer designed for caregivers….

This short basic prayer was first suggested by “Guideposts”…I have made some modifications, where appropriate, to request God’s Help, Support and Hope…for those facing the day to day challenges of Caregiving…especially caregivers to the victims of Alzheimer’s and the Dementia diseases.


 Lord, Help Me to Remember that I am Doing Your Work…

Bless Me with Your Patience and Your Understanding…

Send Me Your strength and Your Wisdom…

Father, Show Me the Way and What to do…

 Help Me to Extend Your Love to all Those I Touch…

God send me Your Perfect Love and Your Perfect Peace…

 Lord Help me Today, Tomorrow and Forever…

Lord, Help me to See the Sacred in every Moment of my Day…

Thank You for Trusting Me With the Precious Duty of Caring for Another…

In Jesus Name I Pray…Amen…




George Jone's Last Day and Final Hours

George Jones


Nancy Jone's who was George's wife for the last 30 years, describes her conversation with George on that last day: 

” I was crying and he said why are you crying for, I have had 81 good years. Some of them I've messed up, paid for em, but now I'm going to heaven. I've had 81 years. Don't cry honey.”…

Nancy says all she can do now is to carry out all of Georges final wishes and make sure that his legacy lives on.

He talked all the way up to 6 hours before he died. I am carrying everything out that he wanted me to do.”

Nancy recalls George uttering these last words just before his passing…..

“‘Hiya. I’ve been looking for you. I’m George Jones,’”

She adds poignantly, “I believe he was introducing himself to God.”


 Little Child in Prayer

If we could only pray with the innocence and the focus of a child!



Satan, not God is cause of all Illness, Sickness and Disease

Above all else one should always remember that God was not the cause of the illness, the sickness, the accident or the evil that is the source of your unpleasantness or unhappiness…such evil illness is not the "Will of God!"

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

 Pastor WeatherheadI would like to quote the words of Leslie D. Weatherhead, Pastor of City Temple in London when he discussed the death of a friend’s wife: “Your wife’s death is not the will of God at all…It is the fruit of human ignorance, and if we could  spend as much on medical research as we spend on a battleship, your wife’s life could have been saved…Industrial oppression, selfish greed, the denial of God’s gifts to his  own children because of the greed of the few, the horror of war…are a greater...”

“I can not understand how anybody who has read the New Testament can ever stand at the bedside of a patient and …utter the pathetic complaint that disease is the ”will  of God”. I always imagine that Jesus would speak with anger about such a thoughtless dictum.”…I like to think of our Lord standing by the bedside of the patient and working with the doctors and nurses toward the regaining of health, working on the mind and spirit of the patient as the physicians work on the body. Then, if the latter fail, I like to think of him showing the sufferer that in cooperation with him, victory may still be wrested from defeat and the purposes of God realized.”

Sickness and disease are the work of the Satan the evil one…”When a woman was brought to him (Jesus) who had been ill for a long time, he spoke to her as “This woman…whom Satan hath bound, lo these eighteen years.”…As far as I can understand Jesus attitude, both in the words he spoke and the healing miracles he so gloriously wrought, he always regarded disease as part of the kingdom of evil and with all  his powers he fought it and instructed his followers to do the same.” (Luke: 13: 16 (KJV)


Holy Bible


 There are other references in the Bible that are very much in point.

Even so, it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.” (Matthews 18: 14 (KJV)

For he doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of men.” (Lamentations 3: 33 (KJV)

He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction's. Sickness is the work of the evil one who comes to steal, to kill and to destroy.” (Psalm 107: 20:(KJV)

“And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.” (Matthew 10:1 (KJV)

"...afflictions, which came unto me...I endured: but out of them all the Lord delivered me."  (2 Timothy 3: 11 (KJV



Stan's and June’s Prayers for your Care, Comfort and Peace

June 1974

I like to think that those of our loved one’s who are in heaven (My wife June, my mother Ellen and now my son David) also have their own Heavenly Internet  or cyber system or Heavenly Interstellar System that permits them to look in on us here on earth…that June can sit down to her own heavenly computer and access and look at the pages on her “June’s Alzheimer’s Memorial website” as well as my personal Facebook page and on her Memorial Facebook page…and the pages of my many caregiver groups and friends...perhaps there is a huge screen on the wall of June’s heavenly mansion that is constantly alive with heavenly intelligence that provides such information…that June could and would add her heavenly prayers to my prayers for the peace and comfort of the world's victims of Alzheimer’s and other diseases and their caregivers during their journey’s through such sickness…and finally the prayers at the time of their departure from this earthly world as we know it and make their final journey home to be with God and Jesus in Heaven...

The Bible strongly suggests a heavenly intelligence system that results in observations by those in Heaven as to our goings on here on earth...The Bible says very clearly that: "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us," Hebrews 12:1 (KJV)

The Bible seems to clearly tell us that those in Heaven know what is taking place here on earth...Luke 15:7 and 15:10 seem to spell that out rather clearly..."I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth...Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the Angels of God over one sinner that repenteth." (The verses do not say the Angels rejoiced it said that there is joy in heaven and in the presence of Angels...while the 2d verse could be inclusive of Angels, the two taken together strongly suggests there is joy among our loved ones living in Heaven and that joy comes from knowing what is taking place here on earth.)

God is waiting to hear from you...For those Alzheimer’s and other dementia victims and or their caregivers who feel they are also in need of the prayers of others…I would be honored and humbled to be asked to provide any personal assistance that I could through the resources of this, June’s Memorial Website and or the June K. Berg Memorial Facebook page as well as my own Stanton O. Berg Facebook page and through my many daily postings on the pages of other caregiver groups and Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease Associations and groups…

I often jokingly refer to myself as June’s Norwegian Troll earthly assistant and June’s agent here on earth to do the things that June can no longer do…after June was taken home to be with God and Jesus on 23 October 2008, a victim of Alzheimer’s…June loved her church, the Redeemer Lutheran Church and was very involved in many church activities…June had a special place in her heart for the elderly, the sick and disabled and those in nursing homes…

I understand what you are all going through...I have had much experience with Alzheimer’s – dementia care giving…my mother Ellen passed away from Alzheimer’s in October 2007 after 6 years, my wife June passed away from Alzheimer’s in October 2008 after almost 12 years…I watched my good friend's wife Gloria pass away after almost 15 years of Alzheimer’s…my life long friend Al passed away from the dementia disease called Lewy Body Disease. Two of my favorite cousins passed away as victims of Alzheimer's as did both a life long personal friend and his wife...I am a weekly visitor to the Benedictine Nursing home where my daughter Julie is the activities director and who has spent a lifetime (35+ years) working in nursing homes and serves as my consultant…I also know what it is  like to lose a child...David our oldest son died from Lung Cancer in October 2012.

I do not claim to provide miracles of any kind nor can I provide prayers of the Billy Graham quality or uniqueness…I can only provide the heartfelt prayers of a former caregiver who has been there and done that…and I can try to stimulate the assisting prayers of others…I hope that June using her heavenly means of communications and intelligence system (as suggested above) will be looking in on me from time to time and at what I am doing in God’s name and in her memory… and perhaps June will add her own voice and prayer to mine and to yours

I am not foolish enough to think that my prayer alone will necessarily make the difference in your life and cause God's loving and caring intervention in your would be my intention to re-post your and my prayer requests on the many caregiver groups and Alzheimer's and dementia groups that I associate request others also raise their prayers to God in your behalf and or your loved one's behalf...also included would be the complete directory of my email would be my hope that my small voice in addition to yours, and perhaps June's voice, will be joined in by a chorus of other voices all asking for God's loving intervention and comfort...

Stan and June’s Prayer Request postings

In addition to responding to prayer requests by my own personal prayers, I would normally request prayers from others. The following would be included:

1.  The Senior Pastor at June’s and my church, (Pastor David Glesne) of  the Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fridley, Minnesota, has indicated that I may use the Redeemer Church’s normal prayer request process to request such prayers through our church…

2.  The Chaplain (Chaplain Fran  O’Connor) at the Holy Spirit Chapel of the Benedictine Health Care Center at Innsbruck, New Brighton has invited me to use their prayer process.  The Chaplain maintains a “Prayer Basket” in the Chapel for prayer requests. Such requests are acted upon by both by the Chaplain and by the Residents…I would prepare a written request for such prayer or prayers and then place such requests  in the “Prayer Basket”…such a request would normally be acted upon numerous times. (The Benedictine was June's home for the last years of her life.)

3.  I would make written prayer requests of all of my friends, family and relatives as are presently contained on my own personal online email mailing lists.

4.  Such prayer requests would also be posted on all of my many daily world wide internet postings made on Caregiver and related groups…this results in a large international prayer request coverage!

5.  Prayer request postings would be made on my personal Facebook page and on June's Memorial Facebook page



The Bible talks of the value of praying together.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”…(Matthew 18: 20 (KJV)

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do(1 Thessalonians  5:11 (KJV)

I equate these verses to have the same application as for those of us who pray for the comfort and care of one among us or the family of one among us even though we may be separated by many miles and times all around the world…our purpose and our cause is the same and during a similar period of time.



Comments of the Senior Pastor at June's and my Church

I asked our senior pastor (Dave Glesne) at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fridley, Minnesota, to review my above comments on my concept of prayers for others and the possibility of prayer connections with family members who now are in heaven...his kind and encouraging comments are found below:


"Pastor Dave Glesne...Stan,  "Thanks for sending such an encouraging word and personal testimony...(10 March 2013)...


"I want to commend you on your willingness and availability to facilitate prayer for those who request it and to encourage prayer support from others as well.  That is serving others in a much needed way!! 

While we don’t know about the interaction of those with Christ and our world, in the context in which you are writing, it is touching what you envision and you get your point across well. 

Well done!   Blessings, Pastor Dave" ...(26 September 2013)


"Thanks for sharing your newest additions.  The two passages you cite do indeed seem to affirm the biblical teaching that there is a cause and effect relationship between the seen and unseen world, that what happens in one sphere causes something in the other sphere.  What happened in the unseen world around Job affected him in the seen world.  What happened in the seen world i.e. a sinner repenting, affects those in the unseen world.  There is a clear interaction between the two. 

Blessings, Pastor Dave."...(28 February 2015)



Billy Graham Obviously Thinks June Tunes Me In

The Billy Graham Website on 23 May 2014 discusses what our departed loved ones may know about our activities here on earth...the discussion is in question and answer format:

Q:  Do people who've died and gone on to heaven know what's going on down here on earth? I'd like to think my parents know what's happening with their grandchildren, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Billy GrahamA: The Bible does suggest that those who’ve entered heaven before us actually may know what is happening on earth. After listing the great heroes of the faith who are now in heaven, the writer to the Hebrews then adds, “Therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses… let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1).

Although it’s interesting to speculate about this, one fact is certain: God knows what is happening in our life — and in the life of every person on earth. God is all-knowing, and nothing — absolutely nothing — can be hidden from Him. Not only does He know what we do (or fail to do), but He also knows why. The Bible says, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account” (Hebrews 4:13).

Does that make you nervous? Perhaps it does, because you and I know what goes on in our hearts, and we know we aren’t perfect. But the Bible tells us an even greater truth: God loves us, and He wants to forgive us and cleanse us from all our sins. This is why Jesus Christ came into the world: To save us from our sins.

Be grateful for the hope we have of being reunited with those who have already entered heaven. And make sure of your eternal destiny by giving your life to Jesus Christ today.


Glimpses of Heaven

"Sometimes God gives His departing saints glimpses of Heaven (partly,

I believe, to encourage those of us who remain).

Just before dying my grandmother sat up in bed, smiled, and said,

"I see Jesus, and He has His hand out-stretched to me...(Billy Graham)"



June and Stan's Prayer Requests - 

Prayers of God's Care, Comfort, love and Support and In Memoriam 


Kathryn McElroy, Shell Rock, Iowa, 89, September 2013 - Prayers for comfort and care - (Prayers requested by daughter in law Nancy McElroy, for her mother in law who she says "could die any day now"...*prayers answered...mother doing well in nursing home - May 2014)

Maura "Buddy Bear", Dublin, Ireland, September 2013. for her Mother Anne, - In Memoriam -

John Sardinha, Somerset, Massachusetts, 67, December 2013 - In Memoriam

Bryn Sineath, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 16 December 2013 -  Prayers for comfort and care - (Prayers requested by Bryn...2 brain surgeries for bleeding) ...20 May 2014 - said to be in a  Nursing Home in Mississippi.

Christine Pickard, Lincoln, United Kingdom, her "Mum", December 2013 - In Memoriam -

Danny Carl McKneely, Nacogdoches, Texas, December, 61, 2013 -  In Memoriam -

Len Jones, Blackley, Manchester, United Kingdom, 88, February 2014 - In Memoriam -

Frederick G. Beaven, Brantford, Ontario, 94, February 2014 - In Memoriam -

Al Miller, Warsaw, Indiana, 58, March 2014 - In Memoriam -

John William Yates, Warrington, United Kingdom, 78, April 2014 - In Memoriam -

Leonard Marshall McKneely Sr., Nacogdoches, Texas, 88, April 2014 - In Memoriam -

Kayla Borman, Fridley, Minnesota, 6 May 2014 - Prayers for comfort and care - Prayers requested by Kayla's mother Linda Farr Borman for healing and comfort...Kayla is a senior in Fridley High School, battling life long epilepsy..June often referred to Kayla as "Lamb Chops".

Sheila Konar, Rochester, New York, 1 June 2014,  requested prayers for Bill Konar who is dying of Alzheimer's. and Sheila feels "the end is near"...I have added the additional request that this also include Sheila and the Konar  family for their care, comfort and support during Bill's end times! (Bill Konar died quietly at his home on 18 June 2015...Bill Konar was a Holocaust victim who came to the US, started a small drug company that eventually evolved into the CVS Drug chain.

Mavis Bangert, Roseville, Minnesota, 84, 28 June 2014 requested Prayers - Comfort, care and - In Memoriam - Mavis died from cancer on 26 July 2014, while in hospice care at the Benedictine Health Care Center of Innsbruck, New Brighton, Minnesota.

Sherrie Penner Terning, Cokato, Minnesota, 12 July 2014 - Prayers for Comfort and care and in Memoriam - Sherrie lost her oldest son Joseph "Joe" James Henning, 32, who took his own life while deep in the depths of depression - 

William Wilson and his wife Ada, Rhyl, North Wales, United Kingdom - 12 November 2014 - Prayers for Comfort and in Memoriam on the passing of Ada as a victim of Alzheimer's dementia.

BB requested removal...

Deb Skinner and her mother Brenda May Duncan, Hednesford, United Kingdom 3 February 2015, for the care and comfort of the family and in Memoriam for mother Brenda May Duncan who passeed away from Cancer on 25 January 2015.

Mary Ayers and her mother Mary Madeline Flach, Huntsville, Alabama, 20 March 2015. Prayers for the care and comfort of the family and in Memoriam for the mother Mary Madeline Flach who passed away on 17 March 2015 from the complications of Alzheimer's dementia.

Angela Brown and her mother Annie, of Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom22 August 2015. Angela Brown is a devoted caregiver for her Mom who is in late stages of Alzheimer’s…Her mom is often agitated and thus increasing the stress and strain on Angela…Prayers for the care and comfort of Angela and her mother... Annie was called home to Heaven on 22  February 2016.

BB requested removal...

Katie Doyle and family of Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Katie's father Derek Hyde passed away at 3:30 AM on Monday morning 8 October 2016. Prayers requested for the care and comfort of Katie's family and in Memoriam for for Katie's father Derek..."Thank You Dad for the many happy memories"

Alexis Hyland, London, United Kingdom, requested prayers for her mother...Monday 8 February 2016...“Please pray for my Nana – she took a bad turn tonight"...Prayers sent requesting God's Love, Comfort and Care for Alexis and her family and her "Nana". Alexis mother passed away at 11:20 AM on Wednesday 17 February 2016.

Bonnie Phillips, Eugene, Oregon - a victim of Vascular Dementia - is going through stressful times as the disease progresses...Prayers sent to God for his love, comfort and care. (10 February 2016)

Patti Hanson, Sioux Falls, South Dakota...Prayers for her Mother Marjorie who passed away on the evening of Ash Wednesday 2016 from complications of Vascular Dementia...prayers for the family for God's love, care and comfort and in Memoriam  for Marjorie.

Angela Brown and her mother Annie, of Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom was called home to heaven on 22 February 2016...prayers for God's Love, Comfort and Care of Angela and her family and in Memoriam for her "Mum" Annie Brown. (At the funeral service for Annie at Burnley on Friday March 4th, 2016, June was honored by being mentioned during the service.)

Melissa Vaughan, of Newburgh, Indiana...Melissa served as her mother's caregiver (Barbara Vaughan) until her battle with Alzheimer's Melissa is plagued with MS and is very sick and has requested prayers for God's love, care and comfort in these difficult times. (6 April 2016)

Nancy Carillo and her mother Shirley Lima of New Bedford, Massachusetts...Prayers in memoriam for the mother Shirley Lima who passed away on 6 July 2016 as a victim of Alzheimer's and for the family's comfort and care and peace.

KellyDee Ramos and her mother Mary Lou Mesquita of Laveen, Arizona...Prayers in Memoriam for the mother Mary Lou and for the love, care and comfort of the family...Passed away on July 6th 2016 as a victim of Alzheimer's.

Renee Babbin Oneil and her father Donald Francis Babbin of Franklin, Massachusetts...Prayers in Memoriam for the Father Donald Francis Babbin and for the love, care and comfort of the family...Passed away on July 1st 2016 as a victim of Alzheimer's.

Cindy Jones prayers for the care and comfort of her family and in Memoriam on the death of her mother Marjorie Earlene Wishard...9 August 2016...mother died as a victim of Alzheimer's.

BB requested removal...




Grief Share programs

For those seeking information on grief share programs or those who are in need of the comfort of a grief share program because of the loss of a loved one, click on the below link for complete information on such programs.

(Grief Share Programs)



  June and I in Holy Spirit Chapel

(June and I dozing off during a daily visit to the Holy Spirit Chapel at the Benedictine) 



For a companion essay, click on the below link: "God Records the Tears of the Caregivers":


 "God Records the Tears of the Caregivers!"



Reader’s Comments

Richard Criscione - Cliffside Park, New Jersey – (9 March 2013): “…amazing …I was just here scrolling through the home page thinking about many of the emotions and memories during the years caring for my mom, and thanking God for the opportunity and means to accomplish what I did ,and suddenly your post came up in front of me ,as if you were listening from afar . A God wink for sure ! Thanks … for your contributions to this page . It makes me happy to see your involvement in it and makes me realize it was worth it for me to create my page .”

Elaine Wharmby  - Tamworth, United Kingdom – (9 March 2013): “A lovely prayer.”

Melissa Vaughan  - Newburgh, Indiana - (12 March 2013): "Thank you so much, I needed to see this has been a terrible terrible week...thank you."

George Richard Herschel  - United Kingdom - (13 March 2013): "God exists in the minds/hands of those who care ..."

Anne Moghraby  - Solihull, United Kingdom - (14 March 2013): "I would like to make a comment about my dear mum the last couple of weeks lying in her bed she just looked ahead towards the window and we used to say put your arms under the bed sheets but she kept stretching them out. She was only in hosp two days when she passed away. The day before her funeral my dad and I just happened to see the carers in dads local pub as he needed to get out of his mobile home, they had just finished a meeting upstairs. They were fond of mum and dad and one talked about her and said she had whispered I am not afraid anymore, mum couldnt talk much those last few weeks and hard to understand her but she said it again, so gave me some comfort and mum always worried about us and never complained at her own health problems through her life. In her handbag when sorting out dad found a couple of prayers written down. Just thought I would share this with you Stanton...she was a wonderful lady"

Dianne Cogar  - Springfield, Ohio - (14 March 2013):" I love your honesty about your usual prayer ritual. In fact, I am a lot like you, I keep prayer simple and it isn't very eloquent. It is, however, just how I would talk to another person. I have  a friend who can deliver a prayer with the heart of an angel, she makes every word count and it is so beautiful. I have often wished that I could be so fined tuned in this area I will admit. This page you share with us is very well put together, like all of your work,  it gives us insightful and heartfelt answers on the power of prayer and the need for care-giving. As for me, I always start my prayer with much heartfelt gratefulness, regardless of how my life is unfolding. I am a grateful person. And though I am not an educated religious follower, I am a true believer. Talking out loud to God eases my worries and soothes my sou and helps mel to go about my daily rounds. He is God, He is my Savior, My Friend and My Guide...and the most trusted entity in my life. Thank you for your many hours of service in helping others to cope with life's disappointments and sorrows. You continue to make a difference in my own life."

Jane Moore  - Camelford, United Kingdom - (15 March 2013): "Lovely article and I hope you won't mind if I pass this to our church."

Patricia Higgins  - Glasgow, United Kingdom - (6 April 2013): "Thank you..., we really need God by our side."

Gary Irvin  - Gillespie, Illinois - (19 August 2013): "Stanton lost his beloved wife to the beast called Alzheimer's. He has learned much in their journey. He shares this knowledge, his love of God and his wife in a blog page dedicated to her...There is too much valuable information and love here not to share. Below is a link to only this portion of his site. There is much more... Explore it. Thank you Stanton."

Terry Shepherd  - Warsaw, Indiana - (19 August 2013): "You help so many with your words my friend."

Tracey Bressler Muldowney  - Pensacola, Florida - (20 August 2013): "Thank you Mr Berg...My dad died in Jan 2013 - Lewey Body Dementia. Although I miss him daily, hourly - I cannot even imagine the pain my mom has /is going through - I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Ms June- but whenever I read your works/ poems/ blogs / of your tremendous faith- I am certain that you have and will continue to help others out there going through this type of pain/loss...May God Bless you... !"

Kathie Waters  -  Malta, Montana - (17 September 2013):  "Thank YOU! Finally someone says what I believe--that it is NOT God's will for people to get sick. It is because of evil in the world that bad things happen, not the fault of the person it happens to. And you say it so much better than I just did...Lovely article for anyone in the "caregiving" business of life, whether alzheimer's or any other capacity. Also good reading on this website on the topic of grief..."

Sandi Kisselburg  - Fletcher, North Carolina - (26 September 2013): "Thanks for sharing this."

Jessica Tablett  - Fresno, California - (26 September 2013): "That is very beautiful, "if you can" take a step back and you know exactly where God is... He is right by your side."

Donald Hiatt  - Clovis, California - (27 September 2013):"Please add me to the prayer chain if you begin one.  I love to pray for folks like you, and Maura and Anne, and Terry and Al.  I believe that God hears and answers our prayers.  I see evidence of it every day...Blessings and Peace...Don."

Louise Ann Howard  - Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia - (20 May 2014):"Love the power of prayer...We pray for many and wonder what the outcome is and never know. We are careful what we pray for too. As God is the one answering prayer and He sees things far different than we do... (17 July 2014): "A prayer basket. Nice idea Stanton. Thanks."

Mary Steele Jones - Dundalk, Maryland -(21 May 2014):"Great use of social media.  I love it! God is amazing."

Catherine Jones-Hatcher  - Richmond, Virginia - (21 May 2014): "FAITH is a powerful tool! "

Kathy Ann  - Isanti, Minnesota - (16 July 2014):"I want to believe that our Lord is talking to the people that have Alzheimer's, and in their mind they are being blessed by Jesus and they hear Jesus talk to them. I pray this in Jesus name Amen ... I pray you hear him comfort you too, Amen."

Mimi Taylor Nataro  - Hicksville, New York - (26 November 2014): "lovely & making me cry as my Mom feels so alone & I guilty about that even though I do as much as I can. Will remember that she does have an angel at her side and will tell her this too & happy Thanksgiving to you Stan."

Laurie Scherrer - Oley, Pennsylvania - (26 November 2014): '"Thank you! This is lovely!"

Gary Irvin  - Gillespie, Illinois - (26 November 2014): "Thank you Stan. I needed that, more than you know. I've bookmarked it to return to it. I had an especially hard visit Sunday with Mom. In fact, I'm still reeling from it. I would like to meet you some day, buy you lunch at you and June's favorite place. You're in Minnesota, right? Maybe, if you would like, I'll plan a road trip up that way next summer on the bike. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas."

Melissa Vaughan  - Newburgh, Indiana - (12 December 2014): "Thank you...I look for Grace every day in everything...thank you for instead of looking for Grace, I will just expect it every day..."

Susanna Nicholos  - Catskill, New York - (12 December 2014): "Stan I am touched by all you do and write and June is still impacting so many lives in a very positive way she is a guardian angel to so many...A wise...I am happy to call my friends Stan and June...June who is his now a beautiful angel wife...wiser words were never spoken than what these people share."

Lyn Young  - Elgin, Moray, United Kingdom - (12 December 2014): "Always up lifting!! Many thanks Stanton."

John Stevens - Twin Falls, Idaho - (12 December 2014): "Most excellent."

Mona Glesne  - Fridley, Minnesota - (12 December 2014): "Truly inspirational with Good News of faith."

Vea Flood - Bronx, New York -(30 August 2015):"Thanks Stan...needed this!!...(Prayer for Caregivers)...Stan I printed it out and I'm going to laminate it and put it by my bedside!! is a compliment...thanks again for the work you do!!"

Bernadette Barbour - Dublin, Ireland - (30 August 2015):"I ask this question, everyday. June is shinning right now, as in this (her) picture. We are still chatting away!"




June's Passing

June 1994

June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website on the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - or Click on:

"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"