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Valentine's Day - Remembering June!

June and Stan1977 

June and I at Lake Geneva in 1977 - "Happy Days"

This was also our 25th Wedding Anniversary year!



The song "I'll be Seeing You" by Kahal - Fain (1938) – written over 70 years ago, could have been written for you and I –  It became popular during WWII in our high school years. I have revised and rewritten and updated this beautiful old song to better tell our story. 


June – I am Seeing You! 


I am finding you in all the old familiar places...

That this heart of mine embraces all day through.

In the little French cafe...just across the way.

In all the little children's laughter.

In early fall, when bright leaves call... and the snows soon after. 

I'll be finding you in every lovely summer's day.

In everything that's bright and beautiful. 

I will always think of you that way.

I'll find you in the morning sun, and when the night is new -

I'll be looking at the moon... and I'll be seeing June! 


It was March  16th, 2005 that Alzheimer's took you from the house that was once our home. It was three years and seven months (October 23rd 2008) later in your eleven (11) year struggle with this horrible disease that God took you home to his heavenly mansions...

I still see and feel your presence in the house that was once our every room that I enter and in every drawer, cabinet or closet that I open. I find your presence in the hundreds of poignant little reminders. You are so near but yet so far...You are just beyond my impenetrable and silent void.... 

I find you in the living room by the fireplace on a cold winter day... 

I find you at the Redeemer Lutheran Church Sanctuary for every Sunday’s morning service...and soon after the service I find you at Perkins where lunch was once our Sunday routine. 

I found you on "Wings of Song" at our Redeemer Church Christmas Choir Concert. 

I find your presence in the sounds of the violin strains at Culver’s on the Saturday afternoon Blue Grass music sessions. 

I find you at our favorite French Cafe/Hotel, The the little lobby table with a basket of bread, wine and a cheese-fruit plate...and in the little lobby gift/card shop soon after. 

I find you at Rosedale having your favorite Caribou Coffee at a little atrium table...and then in your favorite Hallmark card shop. 

I find your loving and caring presence where ever there are joyful little children. 

I find you at a favorite NE Minneapolis restaurant - JAX - where memories abound for nearly 50 years. 

I find you at the Anoka Lyric Theater’s Sunday afternoon performances.... 

I find you at the Christmas Eve family gatherings... 

I find you every Wednesday noon at Lakewood Cemetery and shortly thereafter in the little “Holy SpiritChapel at the Benedictine of Innsbruck. 


"I am finding you in all the old familiar places

That this heart of mine embraces all day through. 

I will always think of you that way...


June, there is not a day passes that I do not think of you the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Nor a day passes that I do not talk with you as I look at one of your pictures...Your million dollar signature smile - automatically brings a simile to my face.

Every day has its sad notes - not a day has passed since you have gone that I have not wept for a moment or two - I miss you so very much...


Heart in hands


Happy Valentine ’s Day June, my forever sweetheart! 





Reader's Comments 

Michele Christie  - Cullowhee, North Carolina - (14 February 2013): "It is so hard to be without her on this day of romance. However, I cant help but think you were blessed to have had that kind of deep love at all. Dementia is so devastating to those that love as much as it is to the patient."

Judy Lemon Spooner  - Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal - (15 February 2013): "It's true to say, the greater the love, the bigger the hole it leaves, and the longer the healing process. I wish there was some way to help you carry your burden of grief. May your heart be warmed by memories of her life, and not... by constant reminders of her loss."

Vicki CadoganLimerick, Ireland - (16 February 2013): "Your poem is very touching Stan, one of my dad's favourite songs, days like these are very tough.  My prayers are with you."




(Published - Minneapolis Star Tribune - Valentine's Day, Saturday 14 February 2009 - "Love Lines")

(Revised and re-published - Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Valentine's Day, Thursday 14 February 2013)



 June's Passing

June 1994 

On October 23rd, 2008 June passed away after almost eleven years of an exhausting battle with Alzheimer’s. June's last three years and 8 plus months were in an Alzheimer’s facility at the Alzheimer’s “Villa” of the Benedictine Health Care Center of Innsbruck, New Brighton, MN. See June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

June K. (Rolstad) Berg – In Memoriam