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Businesses Prominent in June's Life!

- and now Prominent in Promoting June’s Memory and Alzheimer’s Awareness!


(June's Alzheimer's Awareness cards and Holder shown below)

(Photo by Bill Peterson)

June's card holders

The card holder - dispensers used for June's Alzheimer's awareness cards are walnut or leather holders (4"x2"x1",) are attractively designed and constructed. An example of a leather holder is shown above.  To-date, oer 16,000 cards  have been distributed with this program, including cards that I personally pass out whenever I have an opportunity to do so. (14th Edition June 2014)  The cards are updated and or reviewed on a yearly basis.  The program was first started in February 2006... (Photo by Bill Peterson.)


The purposes of the June K. Berg Alzheimer’s Awareness cards are to achieve triple objectives:

(1.) To honor the world wide victims who have died from Alzheimer’s disease as well as those now struggling with this disease – and to specifically honor my wife June K. Berg’s memory as one of the victim’s who fought the disease for almost 12 years!  It also honors my mother Ellen F. (Nedland) Silbaugh who also died as a victim of Alzheimer's after approx 6 years with the disease.

(2.) Provide a source of care practice information for caregivers’ and families of the victims of Alzheimer’s disease.

(3.) To raise a public awareness of the need for Alzheimer’s research and the funding for such research!


All of the businesses shown here have played an active role in June’s life during the days before Alzheimer’s took control.

We would like to recognize and honor those places of business that are now providing a prominent space on their front counter’s for a card holder to dispense June K. Berg’s Alzheimer’s awareness cards!

All of the following businesses are helping to distribute the June K. Berg Alzheimer’s Awareness cards and thereby assisting to bring attention to Alzheimer’s Disease and the critical need for funding and research in order to find a cure. These are the businesses that played an important role in June’s life during her lifetime before Alzheimer's and are now continuing to play a role in honoring June’s Memory while promoting Alzheimer’s awareness! I am sure that the world wide victims of Alzheimer's and their family will thank them also.



Baker's Square Logo1. - Bakers Square Restaurant in Blaine on County Road 10 north side. (Northtown).

Before Alzheimer's took over June's life, she would have breakfast every Saturday morning at Baker's Square. Frequently my mother Ellen F. (Nedland) Silbaugh also a victim of Alzheimer's would visit us and join us on Saturday mornings at Baker's Square.

To visit the Baker's Square website and their menu's click on the below link:

(Baker's Square Website and Menu) 



2. -  COWBOY JACK'S in New Brighton on 2397 Palmer Drive.Logo Cowboy Jack's

This location was previously The New Brighton Bar and Grill and prior to that Champps...after being shut down for several months, the location was completely remodeled, redesigned, enlarged and reopened as "Cowboy Jack's"...the new grand opening took place in the last week of March 2016.

This location was for many years a favorite hangout for June and Stan...

The New Brighton Bar and Grill was the last location that June had dinner on that sad night in early 2008...the evening before June went into a nursing home for further care...June's Alzheimer's had progressed to mid-stages at this point...

Cowboy Jack's welcomed June's memory and  her Alzheimer's awareness cards to this new Cowboy Jacks during the 1st week of their grand opening in New Brighton...

To visit Cowboy Jacks website, click on the below link:

"Cowboy Jacks"


  Eye Care Center


3.  - The Eye Care Center in Fridley on Moore Lake Drive.

The Eye Care Center has been the source for all of June's her eye care needs for many years. The last pair of glasses that June selected prior to her going into an Alzheimer's facility for her future care, was from the Eye Care Center. This same pair of glasses now remain with June at Lakewood Cemetery.

 June always appreciated the warm, caring and friendly service extended to her by all of the staff members at the Eye Care Center.

To visit the Eye Care Center's web site, click on the below link:

(The Eye Care Center)



4. - GREEN MILL RESTAURANT in Rosedale Mall, Roseville, MN. 

Rosedale was June's favorite of the various Twin Cities Malls.  Many times while at the Rosedale Mall, June and I would stop at the Green Mill for our lunch.

Stan Berg has continued June and his visits by having lunch at the Green Mill in Rosedale every Thursday while at the mall distributing June's Alzheimer's awareness cards and discussing Alzheimer's and the need for funding and research. 

To visit the Green Mill Restaurnt's web site and see their menu click on the below link:

(Rosedale Green Mill Restaurant)



5. - KEYS CAFE in Spring Lake Park, MN. Keys Cafe Logo

The various Key's Cafe's were favorites of June in her pre-Alzheimer's days for both breakfast and lunch. The location that June visited the most was the one on University Ave.

The family style food and the generous servings are famous in the twin cities area. While Keys Cafe's are primarily noted for Breakfast and Lunch, they also provide complete dinners. They have been voted Best Breakfast, Best Value, Best Bakery and Best Comfort Food by the Mpls/St. Paul Magazine Readership Poll.


To visit the Key's Cafe's Website and view their menu's, click on the below link: 


 Keys Cafe Website





Maxine's6. -  Maxine’s Restaurant in Rice Lake, WI on South main street/Highway 53.

 Rice Lake is Stan Berg’s Home Town and it played an important role in June and Stan’s early days together. Maxine’s in addition to being one of June’s dining choices, has a special connection to June’s family. Maxine, the owner of Maxine’s, is the sister in law of June’s sister Lenore. Maxine’s is a local favorite for home style meals featuring breakfasts and lunches seven days a week. The breakfasts start at 5: 00 AM.

Lyndell, June's youngest sister is a member of the staff at Maxine's.


7. - RICKY's EMBERS  in Fridley at 5400 Central Avenue.

Ricky's Embers

Ricky's Embers is an American Restaurant - Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant - Sandwich Shop.

June and Stan first became acquainted with Ricky's shortly after moving from Duluth to Fridley in 1957...just one year after Ricky's first opened their doors...this was perhaps the first of the Fridley restaurants that became one of June and Stan's favorites....Ricky's is also a favorite for many because of their early 50's atmosphere and the many historical pictures contained therein...of special interest are the pictures of the Fridley Tornado in 1965...June and Stan suffered severe damage to their own home during this worst of all tornadoes since the early part of the century...June and Stan's early days with Ricky's was interrupted in 1966 when their home repaired from the tornado was sold and they moved to an eastern location in Fridley...June and Stan are now once again happily hooked up with Rick'y's Embers.

The Ricky's Embers phone number is: (763) 571-8637.

To visit the Embers website and menu, click on the below link:

 (Ricky's Embers  Restaurant)



Traffic to June's Website: As of the end of the year 2015, June's web site had been "Live" or operational for 91 months since first going live on June 1st 2008. The Content Management System (CMS) in operation at the site recorded a total of almost 3 million page visits during this time period.  This would average 50,751 article/page visits per month during the previous 12 months in the year 2015. The daily average would be 1,669 article/page visits per day. The site host collects data on the identity of site visitors. While the overwhelming majority of visits originate from or within the United States, 170 foreign nations were identified as visitors to the site.

For more information on the story of June’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Cards, click on the below link:

 "June K. Berg Alzheimer’s Awareness Cards"






Purple AngelJune and Stan were both appointed as Purple Angel World Dementia Ambassadors  (October 2013) for the purpose of promoting world wide awareness of Alzheimer's and the dementia diseases. Such an awareness will in turn  promote funding for research to find a cure and to promote proper care practices. June was appointed an honorary Purple Angel Ambassador with Stan as her representative in order to promote her many  charitable programs that all have an Alzheimer's and dementia awareness connection. June is the only resident of Heaven to have received this honor...and who actually lives among the Angels...The Purple Angel world headquarters is in Devon, United Kingdom.




June's Passing

June 1994

After an almost 12 year journey into the shadows of Alzheimer's, early one morning in late October 2008, an exhausted June felt God's gentle touch on her shoulder and heard the words: "Come Home June!" As June lay like a wounded soldier on a battlefield, it was God's Angels that ushered June into a Heavenly Kingdom to the sound of a chorus of Angels...and into June's new home, a "Mansion on the Hilltop", where there is no pain, nor illness nor tears...June's funeral notice as published in the Minneapolis Star in October 2008 can be seen on this website in the drop down menu under the "In Memoriam" label - just Click on:


"June K. (Rolstad) Berg - In Memoriam"