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"BEST FRIENDS - June and Stan's Muslim Lady Best Friend"


In the early 1960's, June and Stan had a Muslim Lady Best Friend...She was A lady that June and Stan had met in one of the neighborhood Coffee Shops.

The Muslim Center of Minnesota is located just two blocks from June and Stan's home. Stan and June's Home address is at 6025 Gardena Lane in Fridley.  The Muslim Center of Minnesota is located two blocks away around the corner on Gardena Avenue. Our later to be,  Muslim lady "Best Friend" was a member of the Muslim Center of Minnesota.

We first met out Muslim lady friend at one of the many Fridley Coffee Shops. June and Stan noticed that this lady was all alone. We later learned that her husband had passed away several years earlier and she was living in the home of one of her two daughters in the St Anthony area.

Our initial beginning casual conversations with her, gradually turned into long sessions of talking, joking and laughing together. 

She knew that we were Christians and we knew that she and her family were Muslims. We never discussed religion. We just had great friendly and interesting conversations together. This relationship progressed to the point that every Saturday, June and Stan and our Muslim lady friend would get together in one of the local coffee shops. There we would joke, laugh and have friendly conversations for an hour or two. This group of three (3) became "Best Friends".

Our relationship progressed to the point that whenever her daughters had a birthday party for her or any other celebration, June and Stan were were always invited to participate. When June and Stan would arrive at the party, their Muslim lady friend wold always take them to the enclosed private back porch and away from the other guests at the party. There the three wold talk, laugh ad joke and have a great time together. As the other guests wold leave, they would come one-by-one to the back porch to say good bye to her. June and Stan were always the last ones to leave her home.

As the saying goes..."All Good Things Come to an End." Our Muslim lady friend came down with a sickness that would eventually take her life.

Stan remembers as if it were yesterday, the last months of their Muslim lady friend's life...her sickness would prove to be fatal. June and Stan watched with extreme sadness as our friends sickness slowly claimed her life. Stan remembers June and Stan shedding sad tears as she slipped away...June and Stan were both with her on her last days. And so their special friendship ended...June and Stan had lost one of their best friends.